Awards for Excellence

Nominations for the DAA’s 5th Annual Awards for Excellence are now open! Both DAA members and non-members are welcome to nominate and be nominated. Deadline for submissions is January 12, 2015.

All finalists will be recognized and the recipients will be announced live at the 2015 DAA Awards for Excellence Gala which will be held on April 1, 2015 concurrent to the 2015 eMetrics Summit, the Official Conference of the DAA, in San Francisco. Gala tickets may be purchased via the DAA website or through the eMetrics Summit registration process.  You do not need to be registered for eMetrics to attend the Gala.

Gala Schedule of Events
6:00 - 7:00pm Cocktail Reception
7:00 - 10:00pm Awards Ceremony

2015 Awards Process and Key Dates

Timeline Event or Activity
December 9, 2014 Nominations open (members or non-members may submit nominations)
January 12, 2015 Nominations close
January 22, 2015 Voting to determine finalists in each category begins. Only current DAA Members at the time voting begins are eligible voters.
February 5, 2015 Voting to determine finalists ends
February 18, 2015 Announcement of finalists.
Distinguished judges vetting of the finalists begins.
The pool of judges is comprised of DAA leaders and selected industry and media influencers.
February 27, 2015 Judging ends
April 1, 2015 Recipients announced at the Awards for Excellence Gala


The DAA Awards are open to DAA members and non-members.

Individuals or groups can be nominated in multiple categories but may only be the recipient of one award. The awards committee will inform/acknowledge all nominations. Meritorious nominee activities, publications, innovations and community involvements should have taken place primarily in 2014.

Current DAA Board members are not eligible for nomination.

If you have questions about eligibility please contact the membership office.


Digital Analytics Rising Star (individual)

As a rapidly emerging discipline that has an increasing importance within numerous industries, there is a growing pool of talented individuals that exemplify what it means to be a rising star in digital analytics. This individual doesn’t just tweet or blog. This person shares insights during development and provides leadership on becoming a better analyst. We expect to hear much more about them in the years to come.

Requirements for nomination: Individual is new to the industry and already making an impact. The nominee is actively involved in the digital analytics community, for example by regular contribution to common digital analytics groups (e.g., Yahoo or LinkedIn Groups, Twitter [#measure], eMetrics, local groups). Illustrate how this person displays a rapidly growing knowledge and understanding of digital analytics and helps to improve the digital analytics community.

Practitioner of the Year (individual)

This person exemplifies what we all are striving to achieve. They are on the cutting edge and they are advancing the practice of digital analytics in their industry or vertical. This nominee’s accomplishments represent the model of a future best practice in the marketing industry.

Requirements for nomination: Provide an overview of how the work this nominee is doing is advancing the industry, their business, or both.

Most Influential Industry Contributor (individual)

In the digital analytics industry, this person has changed the way you think about common practices and what you’ll do next. They likely helped make your job easier and improved your results. This person is your role model and mentor and inspires others to achieve more.

Requirements for nomination: This person has been cited in or written industry-referenced articles, whitepapers or books, shares their knowledge by presenting at industry events, conferences or webinars and provides guidance to industry members and the DAA.

New Technology of the Year (group)

Within the last 18 months, this technology emerged to change the face of digital analytics through its impact on customers and competitors. The company who produced the technology deserves recognition for the game-changing way in which they operate.

Requirements for nomination: Illustrate the challenges this solution has helped overcome and the impact it has had on the industry and practitioners.

Most Influential Vendor/Agency

Where would marketing organizations be today if, with each requirement presented, they had to reinvent the wheel? Luckily there are diligent agencies and vendors deep with talent who help us meet these challenges. To be THE most influential agency or vendor is quite a challenge. Their influence may be due to a ground-breaking product or service, or perhaps a solution that created a staggering return on investment. Whatever it may be, this agency or vendor changed the way we think, how we practice digital analytics and found ways to make our lives easier and our businesses more successful.

Requirements for nomination: This group should have been in the analytics industry or have had a digital analytics product for at least three years. Explain the challenges this group helps customers to overcome and the results. (Optional: Provide a white paper or case study.)

2013 DAA Awards for Excellence Judges

Thank you to the judges for the 2013 DAA Awards for Excellence!

  • Christopher Berry
  • Matthias Bettag
  • Vicky Brock
  • Shari Cleary
  • Colin Coleman
  • June Dershewitz
  • Josh Dreller
  • Bryan Eisenberg
  • Eric Feinberg
  • Richard Foley
  • Andrea Hadley
  • Michael Kaushansky
  • Emer Kirrane
  • Michelle Kiss
  • Alex Langshur
  • June Li
  • John Lovett
  • Neil Mason
  • Jodi Mcdermott
  • Joe Megibow
  • Dennis Mortensen
  • Jim Novo
  • Bob Page
  • Seth Romanow
  • Peter Sanborn
  • Rand Shulman
  • Jim Sterne
  • Geddy van Elburg
  • Jared Vestal
  • Amanda Wallington
  • Darrin Wood
  • Ed Wu
  • Alex Yoder