Digital Analytics Research

IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark

IBM and DAA are pleased to provide Digital Analytics Association members with exclusive access to online retail industry performance data based on IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark.

IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark is part of the cloud based IBM Digital Analytics solution and enables users to measure their online marketing results--including e-commerce data--against that of their peers.  Benchmark is the only real-time peer-level benchmarking solution that delivers aggregated and anonymous competitive data for industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs), showing how a site performs competitively and historically compared to its respective industry overall, as well as to peers and direct competitors.

Data provided to Digital Analytics Association members in the IBM US Online Retail Quarterly Index provides insight into how retail web sites are performing in aggregate, helping retailers to better understand and respond to their customers.

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DAA members also receive exclusive additional insights into the Quarterly data. Insights is written by IBM specifically for DAA members to provide greater information and understanding on a portion of the Quarterly data.

Use Guidelines:

  1. DAA members can download the Quarterly Economic Reports for internal purposes only but cannot distribute or make available to third-parties. Members will be asked to share certain information with IBM before downloading the data.

  2. Proprietary markings from the reports should not be removed.