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Individual Membership Benefits

Professional and Academic Membership Benefits
Professional Development
DAA Essentials Series Courses
An interactive, discussion-based education program. You will learn key competencies, knowledge and skills in the areas of:  data capture and measurement, reporting and forecasting, analytical business culture, site optimization and marketing campaigns.

(savings of $250 per course)
DAA Local Symposia Member Discounts
Symposia take place locally and bring together your network of digital analysts, marketing and business professionals from throughout the area for a day of learning, talent development, and networking.

(savings of $50 per Symposia)
Symposia Video Archive
You have access to hundreds of hours of archived Symposia recordings at your fingertips. Choose a topic and have a lunch and learn session at your desk.

(value of $75 per video)
Storytelling Workshops
A three-hour, entry-level workshop to help you organize your data to tell a compelling story to high-level managers. The workshops are highly interactive and their size is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

(savings of $100 per workshop)
Online Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics
An online program focused on ways for you to analyze and understand data generated by digital analytics reporting tools, make suggestions for improvements to the reports generated, and to transform the information contained in these reports into actions the company can take to improve website visitor centricity and profitability.  The content was developed by DAA members and the courses are delivered via the University of British Columbia. Subject matter experts serve as the instructors.

(savings of CAD$85 per course)
Online Web Intelligence Certificate
An online certificate program which provides award-winning education on digital analytics and leading-edge courses on data warehousing, business intelligence, and other business tipics delivered via the UC Irvine Extension  and the University of British Columbia Continuing Studies programs.

(savings of 10%)
The eMetrics Summit - official Summit of the DAA
Receive a 20% discount on qualifying registration packages (full Summit Pass, Combo Pass w/Predictive Analytics World, DAA workshops).  These discounts are also applied to Predictive Analytics World, Text Analytics World, Media Analytics Summit and the Marketing Operations & Technology Summit.

(value up to $400)
Industry Conference Discounts
We know there are many analytics events for you to choose from throughout the year. As a member the DAA will provide you with relevant event discounts throughout the year.  Examples in the past include X Change, eTail and more. 
Educational Webinars
The DAA educational webinar series includes a variety of hot topics to increase your knowledge and skills.  You can join a monthly webinar or access an archived program. Available free to members in June 2015.

(value of $50 per webinar)
Thought Leader Conversations
A great opportunity for you to learn from industry leaders. Join the live conversation and ask questions or view an archived recording.

(value of $50 per Thought Leader Conversation)
Certified Web Analyst Program
This certificate program provides a mechanism for you to obtain professional recognition after demonstrating your knowledge of and competency within the web analytics industry.

(savings of $160)
Career Resources
Job Board
Post an open position at your company or search through the analytics jobs that are of interest to you.

(savings of $55 per posting)
Digital Analyst Competency Framework
The Digital Analyst Competency Framework is the first-of-its-kind industry reference. It defines the necessary knowledge and skills for digital analysts and  provides a career path by defining the job tasks spanning entry to advanced level professionals.

(value of $250)
Self-Assessment Tool
Based on the Digital Analyst Competencies, the self-assessment allows digital analysts to assess their current knowledge and skills by rating a series of statements describing job tasks digital analysts perform. The user is provided a report that indicates which competencies to focus on and a list of recommended resources to close skill gaps. Avaliable in May 2015.

(value of $250 )
Access to Research
Take advantage of research data produced by the DAA such as the Industry Compensation Scan, Annual Outlook Survey, IBM quarterly economic research and insights  as well  as other reports throughout the year.  You are encouraged to suggest other research projects.

Community & Networking
Local Chapters
Participation in local chapters provides an opportunity all your employees to be involved in the local analytics community through: networking with other digital measurement professionals, knowledge-sharing through educational programs, and building leadership skills.
Special Interest Groups
Network and learn with your peers to focus on a specific area of knowledge and share best practices that are important to you and your company.  Participate in the Media, Mobile, or Retail SIG or suggest another industry area of relevance to start a new SIG.
Online Membership Directory
Build your analytics network and reach out to fellow members throught the compehensive online membership directory.
Member Forum/Online Community
Be visible through the blog posts, share your knowledge and best practices in discussion forums. 
Annual Dues
Professional Membership Dues: $199 per year
Academic Membership Dues: $39 per year

* For faculty or students, teaching or enrolled in college or continued education classes full-time. (Must produce faculty or student I.D. in order to process)
** Individual membership for industry practitioners, vendors, consultants and educators in the digital analytics industry.
*** Group discounts are available. For more information contact Mike Levin, Executive Director.

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