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When you join the DAA, you will be a member of an organization dedicated to promoting a global understanding of digital analytics. By disseminating and providing access to digital analytics best practices, most up-to-date information, and key resources to its members, the DAA will strive to connect and empower an informed and involved digital analytics community.

Membership Types

We offer two basic types of membership: Corporate and Individual.

If you would like to learn how to position your company as a leader in the Digital Analytics industry, and provide individual member benefits to all your employees, learn more about Corporate Membership.

If you are interested in membership for yourself only, learn more about Professional, and Academic Memberships.

Corporate Membership

No matter your role in the digital analytics industry, there are great reasons why your company should join the DAA as a Corporate Member:

  • Analytics Practitioners can tap into the collective knowledge of analysts across roles and industries, and apply learning, best practices, and new ideas, into their own companies
  • Software and Services Vendors can reach a highly engaged, interactive organization of business decision-makers
  • Consultants and Agencies have access to community and networking tools to continue to develop business relationships, and potential clients, within the DAA member base

DAA Corporate Member Benefits include:

  • Unlimited Individual Memberships for all company employees, providing them with a host of opportunities to enhance their professional development
  • Unlimited Job Postings to a relevant, targeted audience (value of $250 per listing)
  • Continuing Education programs, including up to 12 free DAA Certified Web Analyst examinations (up to $9,500 value), discounts on online programs offered through the University of British Columbia and University of California Irvine, and free passes to DAA Essential Series analytics courses (up to $3,800 value)
  • Networking Opportunities with the best and brightest digital analytics professionals through discounted attendance at DAA regional Symposiums, participation in your local DAA Chapter, and involvement in various DAA Committees and Special Interest Groups
  • Corporate Awareness & Branding Let the industry know that you are a leader in digital analytics industry!

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Don't take it from us, hear what some of our members have to say!

"I have found the Seattle Chapter to be instrumental in helping me to feel and experience that I am part of a community among analysts in the Seattle area, across a wide range of companies. It has been enlightening to meet and discuss with other professionals so many of the same challenges while also learning from their diverse experiences. I feel that the impact I have been able to make with my work has been much greater as a result of being part of the DAA Seattle Chapter."


Casey Doyle
Business Development and Strategy Analyst, Microsoft

12-Month Membership dues are based on annual company revenue:

$3,000US - Less than $5 Million in Annual Sales
$6,000US - Between $5 - $100 Million in Annual Sales
$9,000US - Over $100 Million in Annual Sales

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Professional Membership

What's Missing from the Digital Analytics Association? You.

Connect with peers online and at events. Share challenges, ideas, and best practices. Gain valuable industry knowledge and how-to's. Learn from experts and industry leaders. Gather information that is most important for you and for your team, no matter where you fit into the digital analytics industry.

As a Professional Member of the DAA, for $199 per year, you can take advantage of the following benefits designed to enhance your networking opportunities, career development and ongoing analytics education:

Educational Opportunities

  • Discounted access to cutting edge analytics courses in conjunction with University of British Columbia and University of California Irvine
  • Save up to $159 at DAA Essential Series F2F workshops – Introduction to Fundamentals of Digital Analytics and Applying Digital Analytics
  • Gain access to top industry journals to stay current on hot topics
  • Access to DAA-sponsored research including the annual compensation survey and Industry Outlook Survey
  • Discounts at many industry educational conferences including up to $400 at all eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summits.


  • Hear from world-class speakers and network with local analysts at a DAA Regional Symposiums and help bring them to your community
  • Free membership to take part in a local DAA Chapter and share your expertise and learn from others in your local community
  • Be part of DAA groups where you provide valuable input into the development of standards, research and more and/or participate in a Special Interest Group to connect with like-minded members across the Association

Career Development

  • Members-only resources on developing your career, including an annual salary survey, regular blog posts and career tips from DAA leaders, among others
  • Take the Certified Web Analyst examination for free if you are a corporate member or save $160 if you are an individual member
  • Access highly targeted, relevant job opportunities across the digital analytics industry

The DAA also offers a special Academic Membership for full-time faculty and students:

  • Academic – Provided for individuals who are full-time faculty or students who are enrolled in an accredited academic institution. Individuals applying for this membership type will need to provide proof of full-time status prior to being approved. Annual membership dues are $39 USD per year. Please note: Enrollment in the UBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics does not meet the criteria for Academic membership as it is not a full-time program.

See the full list of membership benefits in this handy matrix format.

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