Its mission is two-fold: To serve as an education source and act as an advocacy group advancing the understanding, best use and monetization of digital measurement and analytics within the retail industry. This group delivers expertise within digital analytics helping retail companies communicate needs and drive solutions within their organizations. We help fellow retail companies understand the human capital, product and services, and methodologies required to deliver superior analytics. We extend our voice to guide our vendors/suppliers to drive the delivery of products, services and the solutions most useful to our needs.


  1. Retail companies must respond to the ever changing demands of the marketplace, including new business models and currencies, and rapidly evolving technologies that allow for greater insights as part of the audience engagement relationship.
  2. Retail companies are also maturing in their use of data to drive the business and the internal capabilities required to support this, including organizational, political, financial and overall mindset, as companies move from "traditional” to "omni-channel” modes of engagement.


The next meeting of the DAA Retail Special Interest Group will be held on October 5 and is by invitation only.


Participation in the SIG is for higher level positions within retail companies and is by invitation only. If you are interested in learning more or participating in the SIG, please contact the membership office.