Digital Analytics Association Sponsorship Opportunities


Put YOUR brand in front of the digital analytics community while maximizing your ROI. DAA has a variety of benefit-rich sponsorship opportunities to help you reach a targeted audience of digital analytics professionals. The Digital Analytics Association has 4,000 members and another 6,000+ name opt-in email database. Our members are decision makers and influencers in this important and growing space. Contact us today to set up your sponsorship package to be front and center of the analytics community!


"Dollar for dollar, we generate more business from DAA Symposia than from any other event."
Chad Richeson, CEO, Society Consulting (Acquired by EY, now EY Society)


Symposia are great ways for your company to be introduced to a wide spectrum of professionals and ideas across the analytics industry. Symposia bring together digital analytics, marketing and business professionals from throughout the area for a day of learning, professional development, and networking. Don’t miss an opportunity to take part in a sponsorship that has proven to be productive and beneficial.

Download the sponsorship opportunities prospectus and contact Brooke Weldon to secure your spot at an upcoming Symposium. You can review our Symposia Sponsorship Matrix and there are also discounts for sponsoring multiple symposia.



Posting a white paper in the DAA website is an extremely valuable way to highlight thought leadership within your company, as well as an exciting opportunity to showcase your work. Download the Cobranded White Paper Sponsorship Agreement and contact Marilee Yorchak to sponsor a cobranded whitepaper.




DAA sponsored webinars present great opportunities for your company to connect to an eager audience, educate digital analysts, and drive leads to your sales staff. Download the Webinar Sponsorship Agreement and contact Marilee Yorchak to sponsor a webinar.





Imagine the impact you could make with a dedicated email sponsored through the Digital Analytics Association, promoting your event or product/services among the DAA’s extended community of 10,000 digital analytics professionals. Sponsored emails are an affordable way to reach this important audience! Download the Sponsored Email Agreement and contact Marilee Yorchak to sponsor your email.




Juliana Lebowitz, Project Manager at Level

“Our sponsored email helped us reach DAA members who are more engaged and supportive than any other association I’ve known. That was proven when our promoted training saw an increase in signups immediately following the email. We are happy to continue this partnership with the DAA for future trainings.” – Juliana Lebowitz, Project Manager at Level



Showcase your logo, product, service, or event with a sponsored ad in the Digital Analytics Association Community. Promote your brand in the industry by having your ad or logo displayed exclusively within a specific community (i.e. Member Open Forum) or specific type of community (i.e. local chapters) to be seen in the DAA’s community of 4,000 digital analytics professionals. The ad will be attached to every discussion post and will be showcased in every email sent out by the agreed upon community (daily digest, real time, etc.). The image may link to the website of the sponsors choice.

Note: there is only allowed ONE ad per community, ensuring your exclusivity!



Are you looking for feedback from digital analysts for new product development? Do you want to create a stir about a new product launch? Do you need feedback from our members about how your product is being perceived in the industry? Choose to host a survey or co-host with DAA. We provide the push out to the members, and we drive the participants to your survey tool. Call Marilee Yorchak at 303-728-4395 for pricing and to schedule your survey today!


The DAA Awards for Excellence Gala occurs each year in the spring at the eMetrics San Francisco event. The evening event will provide you with an opportunity to dine with friends and colleagues, build your professional network, and hear from industry leaders. View the Gala Sponsorship Matrix and contact Marilee Yorchak to sponsor the Gala.


Being a DAA Trustee Partner is our highest level of engagement.  This full-year corporate partnership encompasses every DAA opportunity available for increased visibility and building your company reputation as a thought leader in the analytics space.  It is also a cost-effective alternative to sponsorship opportunities separately purchased.  Note: There is a limit of only FOUR companies per year at this level. Contact our Executive Director Marilee Yorchak to customize your Trustee Partnership with DAA.


Have a different idea for sponsorship? Tell us - we can create a customized package for you! Contact us and we'll talk!


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