Training and Workshops - Base Camps


The official Digital Analytics Association Base Camps are interactive, discussion-based learning opportunities built around the concept of critical thinking – the evaluation and reflective examination of data.  The goal of these sessions is to help creators and users of digital activity reporting generate analytical output that enables new insights, and then use these insights to drive positive business change. These classes are non-technical / not about the tools; some experience with basic web analytics reporting is recommended 

Which Course is Best for Me?

The DAA Base Camps include these workshops:

  1. Introduction to Web Analytics 101
  2. Applying Web Analytics 102

Introduction to Web Analytics 101

Whether you are new to web analytics, new to web management or just need to be sure that you are seeing the forest for the trees, this is the best place to get grounded in the basics of analytical thought. Designed for marketers and analysts just getting started, in this introductory workshop you will learn:

  • Who Are Analysts and What Is Their Role?
  • Fundamental Drivers of Web Analytics
  • Web Analytics terminology and technology
    • Building Blocks of Web Analytics
    • Examining the Analytical Framework
  • Web metrics & Key Performance Indicators
    • Commerce
    • Content
    • Subscription
    • Support
    • Lead Generation
  • Visitor Behavior and Segmentation
  • Qualities of Effective Analytical talent
  • Creating Analytical Business Processes
  • Generating Interest and Gaining Buy-in
  • How to Get Executive Attention

Applying Web Analytics 102

This course is designed for marketers and analysts who have some experience with reporting and are ready to move into reflective analysis that drives knowledge creation. Students will critically examine the methods, metrics, and models in common use for relevance to the specific business model they work with. Topics covered:

  • Understanding the Analytical Culture
  • Communicating Analytical Data
  • Optimizing Site and Campaign Design
    • Human Behavioral Models
    • Primary Personality Types
    • Executing Site Optimization
  • Examining Campaign Performance Standards in:
    • SEM & SEO Optimization
    • Display & Affiliate Analysis
    • On-Site Promos
    • Email Marketing / Visitor Lifecycle
    • Social Media
  • Experimental Design Thinking for:
    • A/B Testing
    • Multivariate Methodology
    • Controlled Testing

Oct 5, 2014 

Boston eMetrics Summit
Class: Intro to Web Analytics 101

Oct 5, 2014
Boston eMetrics Summit
Class: Applying Web Analytics 102

Instructor-Led Workshops

Base Camps are led by experienced instructors:

-  Jim Novo, Owner, The Drilling Down Project. Jim is an interactive customer retention, defection, and loyalty expert with nearly 20 years of experience generating exceptional returns on customer marketing program investments.

- June Li, Founder and Managing Director of ClickInsight. With an engineering degree from the University of Toronto, and an MBA from York University’s prestigious Schulich School of Business, June has more than 20 years of e-business, marketing and sales experience.

Save Time & Money by Bringing DAA Base Camps to Your Employees

The DAA Base Camps are now being offered exclusively to corporate members at your location allowing your company to save the time away from the office and travel money. DAA will provide the same, high-quality Base Camp training courses onsite at your company. You can choose whether you’d like the 101 (Intro to Web Analytics), 102 (Applying Web Analytics), or both, and DAA will tailor the courses to your employees. Minimum of 10 employees required per course. Corporate members receive up to four free Basecamp registrations, so take advantage of the free basecamps and a reduced price.

For further details, please contact the membership office.