2022-23 Board of Director Nominees

DAA is pleased to present the 2022-23 Board of Director nominees. The member voting period is open from now through April 18, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET. There are a total of six Board seats up for election. Voting DAA members received an email with a link to the voting ballot on April 5. If you did not receive an email please contact the membership team.

Please note the following important reminders:

  • Only one ballot can be submitted by each voting member.
  • Only the votes received during the specified timeframe will be counted as cast votes. Late ballot submissions will not be accepted.
  • All votes will remain confidential.


The slate consists of four Board nominees that will be voted on as a block to fill four board seats. The nominees are listed below. You can either vote for the slate or against the slate. Please click a name to review the nominee information.

Nominee Name: Kevin Hartman
Nominee Company: Google
Nominee Job Title: Chief Analytics Evangelist
Country in which nominee is located: USA
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant / Practitioner / Vendor): Vendor
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinhartman1/

As Google’s Chief Analytics Evangelist, author, and instructor I have devoted my career to analytics. I am positive I can help build world-class programs for the Digital Analytics Association.

I have built and managed several successful analytics organizations. As Director of Analytics at Google, I led the largest analytics organization in Google’s global network: a 70+ person team of analysts and measurement specialists supporting a $10 billion media sales organization. At Draftfcb I led the largest insights practice in its global network – a 40+ person team charged with using data to improve the Agency’s marketing programs.

In addition, I am the Executive Sponsor for two Google DEI programs designed to provide analytics opportunities to underrepresented communities. For Google's Data Analyst Certification program, I led the design of an analytics curriculum to provide students with job-ready skills. For Google's Data Analyst Apprenticeship program, I lead a program to develop inexperienced future analysts into job-ready analytics professionals following a 20-month Google internship.

Finally, I am the author of "Digital Marketing Analytics: In Theory And In Practice" and I have over 10 years of experience teaching future analytics leaders at the University of Chicago, Notre Dame, University of Illinois, and Northeastern.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

I am confident that my experience as an analytics leader, practitioner, and instructor will help me make major contributions in many areas. But one unique area of contribution I can make is in the DAA’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

As a member of a Google sector’s DEI Council, I worked to design impactful DEI initiatives anchored in the core objectives of awareness, action, and practice. These programs included the sector's DEI allyship program, DEI onboarding materials for new hires, DEI Manager Workshops, and Neurodiversity Inclusion training to equip Googlers with the tools needed to create a safe and supportive environment for Neurodiverse thinkers.

I sit on the Board of an organization named Above The Stigma whose mission is to empower all individuals and communities to feel safe in talking about their mental health journey with pride, perseverance, and empathy.

Most importantly, as a person with autism, I am acutely aware of the challenges some people face today. This has driven my demonstrable commitment to DEI concerns. I was this year's Keynote Speaker at Google's "Tech On The Spectrum," a Neurodiversity awareness summit, and I am a frequent featured speaker on issues of diversity and inclusion.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

I believe that my experience as a strategic advisor and educator makes me posed to advance the use of data.

I have served as a key strategic business partner to senior leadership across a wide variety of teams to influence business strategies, resource allocations, and investment decisions. In my current role at Google, I am developing and advancing Google’s thought leadership as the author of several whitepapers focused on critical analytics topics. As Director of Analytics, I actively played this role across a wide variety of Google clients contributing to double-digit year-on-year sales growth every year in the role.

My deep experience as an educator preparing future analytics leaders at some of the world's top graduate programs will also allow me to understand and improve the digital world through professional development and community.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

Should I be fortunate enough to earn a two-year appointment, I would like to achieve new heights for the DAA in several key areas.

First, I would like to strengthen the DAA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. My direct personal and professional experience with DEI is considerable and will help me make significant contributions.

Next, I would like to expand the DAA’s educational efforts. My experience as an educator makes me uniquely qualified to contribute to the development and delivery of educational workshops, materials, and other activities.

Finally, I would like to extend the DAA’s recognition to analysts throughout the world. My global business scope and significant connections with students who attend US graduate programs from every corner of the world can help me establish and raise the DAA’s profile.

Nominee Name: Lynn Lanphier
Nominee Company: Ally Financial
Nominee Job Title: Director, Digital Analytics
Country in which nominee is located: USA
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant / Practitioner / Vendor): Practitioner
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lynn-lanphier-29a2961/

Lynn is a strategic analytics leader with more than 20 years’ experience in data analytics, digital transformation, and strategic business planning for Fortune 100 companies. Highly analytical and skilled at using data to drive strategy and business decisions, understand customer behaviors, improve customer experiences, optimize business performance and identify marketing opportunities. Proven track record of building best-in-class analytics teams, recruiting and developing data analytics talent, and motivating team members to achieve business objectives. Passionate about helping the business leaders connect the dots by transforming data and information into insights and recommendations that result in better decision-making and improved business results.

Core Qualifications & Strengths:
  • Analytics thought leader with a track record of creating a strategic vision to enable data-driven decision making
  • Ability to identify data trends and develop analytic solutions
  • Ability to analyze, interpret and identify actionable insights from various data sources
  • Ability to drive change throughout an organization
  • Proven leader adept at leveraging individual team member skill sets and talents
  • Ability to enhance collaboration among team members and across business units
  • Effective communicator and influencer across all levels of the organization
  • Proven ability to adapt to changing technologies and business priorities

Current role: Director, Digital Analytics (Ally Financial)

Previous Roles:
  • Director, Digital Analytics (Norwegian Cruise Lines)
  • SVP | Director, Marketing Technology and Analytics (U.S. Bank)
  • Director, Digital Intelligence & Optimization (Best Buy)

Industry Involvement:
  • DAA Board Member (2020-2022)
  • Member of Executive Committee
  • Community Task Force Board Liaison
  • Chapter Leader for the local chapter of Digital Analytics Association in the Twin Cities
  • Digital Analytics Hub Huddle Leader (2016, 2018)
  • Member of Forrester Research Customer Insights and Analytics Council
  • Adobe Analytics Customer Advisory Board
  • Experian Consumer Insights Client Advisory Board
  • Hitwise Client Advisory Board
  • xChange Huddle Leader (2012-2014)

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

The major contribution I can bring to DAA and its membership is my track record and leadership in developing and evolving analytics capabilities and teams. And it all starts with the people. My goal as an Analytics Leader has always been to hire smart people and get out of their way. Business moves fast, so I must enable the team to make decisions and not be afraid of mistakes. I also know that if I invest my time and energy in their development that they will move on to bigger roles elsewhere. It is a risk I am willing to take to grow new leaders who will amaze when given the chance. For me, it has always been about the people.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission? I can help the DAA meet the objectives of its mission by first and foremost listening to the Community. What are the challenges? What are the opportunities? What is getting in the way of analytics success? Understanding what they need will help in developing new and/or refining existing programs, research, and events. One area I am very much interested in is the update of the DAA Competency Framework. I was involved in the creation of the original framework and found the process as well as output extremely valuable when developing job descriptions. Not only has the digital analytics industry evolved since the original framework was developed, my perspectives from being in a new industry (moved from Retail to Financial Services) and expanding my responsibilities beyond digital analytics to include direct mail and digital targeting, and the competencies to succeed in Analytics have evolved as well.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective? Just as Analytics teams will continually evolve over the next two years to meet the demands of the business and technology changes, so must the DAA evolve. In my experience, Analytics teams are no longer doing just digital analytics. Many data topics are being integrated to complete the 360-view of the customer for marketing purposes as well as managing operations and improving the customer experience across all touchpoints. Companies will continue to invest in digital transformation activities that are focused on improving the customer experience, identifying monetization opportunities, and exploiting new data sources. The analytics landscape continues to grow and change, and just as it did in 2012 when the Web Analytics Association chose to update its name to Digital Analytics Association, the time may be upon us to undergo another re-branding to again reflect the ‘full gamut of the data analytics field’ the DAA strives to support. In addition, while digital data will continue to be important data in the toolbox, customer privacy regulation and the eventual death of cookies, will result in the data being less valuable. Now is the time for DAA to seek feedback from its membership on potential name changes. Possible updates to the Digital Analytics Association name could be Customer Analytics or Data and Analytics. DAA could still be used for Data and Analytics minimizing the impact to brand awareness and possibly save some money on re-branding efforts. In addition to evolving the name, as a DAA Board Member, I can provide thought-leadership as the conversation shifts from analytics technologies to building a culture of analytics through data literacy programs focused on outcomes and business benefits. Analytics teams are challenged with determining the value of data and analytics, and providing proven methods for building analytics cultures and data literacy programs would benefit even the most established Analytics programs. I would provide the members with best practices that leverage research from industry consulting (Gartner, Forrester or McKinsey, etc.) as well as input from Analytics practitioners who have built a culture of analytics and/or have established data literacy programs.

Nominee Name: Mary Owusu
Nominee Company: Canisius College, Mower, Gurubound
Nominee Job Title: Assistant Professor of Marketing and Information Systems, Senior Advisor, Digital Strategy & Analytics, Founder and Consultant
Country in which nominee is located: United States
Nominee Sector (Academic/Consultant/Practitioner/Vendor): Academic/Consultant
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryo/

In 2003 when I began my career in search marketing, it wasn’t long before I realized that I was a far better analyst than I was a client-schmoozer. I could care less if my client ranked #1 in Google--it mattered more to me that their increased rankings were contributing to meaningful business impact such as sales, conversions, phone calls, etc. This conversion focus set me apart from my peers early on in my career as I fully embraced analytics as my calling. And I haven’t looked back.

Now, almost two decades later, I’m blessed to have been able to make a career out of my passion for linear thinking and my drive to always ask the so-what questions.

Over my career, I have been able to serve clients such as Chiquita, Ford, Radisson Hotel, and Siemens, providing digital marketing and analytics solutions and driving qualified conversions to their businesses. I’ve spent the last 5+ years as VP, Digital Strategy and Analytics at Mower (www.mower.com), a leading independent marketing agency with 9 locations throughout the U.S. There, my responsibility was to oversee the agency’s cross-office digital marketing team, and develop the analytics products necessary to sustain our position as a forward-thinking agency. And the DAA has been instrumental in my success. I was able to grow the team, expand our offerings and lead the adoption of a major BI tool that enables advanced analytics and digital transformation

My DAA membership has been more than influential in my career growth, and I cannot say enough about the wealth of support it has afforded me. Equally important is the fact that I am committed to the DAA as well. My journey with the DAA began In 2017 when I was asked to represent the DAA as its Women in Analytics keynote speaker at the last-ever eMetrics Summit. Later that year, I volunteered for and subsequently served on the University of British Columbia’s Content Review Task Force, helping the DAA organization revise the digital marketing coursework provided by the university. Since then, I’ve been blessed to join the DAA board where I’ve served as the liaison for the Education taskforce, Women in Analytics initiative, the 2020 Symposia project, and a resource to the marketing team for consultation on marketing channels and strategies. I’ve served these roles with a deep commitment and would love the opportunity to continue to see the DAA move forward in these initiatives.

I believe that to live is to change--and I recently left my corporate career and entered academia full-time. It was a HUGE change for me, but I needed to start saying yes to spending more time with my family--and yes to democratizing the digital analytics field for future generations. I love that through the case studies and open discussions I share in class, I'm able to bring diversity, equity and inclusion into the classroom so that students (MBAs and undergrads)--regardless of their backgrounds--can appreciate each other and take their learnings back to their workplaces and their inner circles. I love pushing the envelope with them and making them really think about how marketing and analytics intersect with diversity, society, sustainability, ethics, and just about everything in-between. In fact, I’ve been an adjunct professor since 2012, and in that role, I’ve helped introduce many new digital analytics professionals into our field. I’ve been inspired by them as I’ve coached and mentored them--and I’m especially proud of the women and the people of color who have joined our field after being students in my classroom.

Through my continued involvement with the DAA board, I hope to continue to bring an innovative perspective to a STEM field that's often seen as complex and complicated, drive up membership, and diversify our base.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?
Build upon the DAA’s commitment to inclusion by helping to grow racial diversity at both the member and board levels. It goes without saying that diversity, equity and inclusion are important tenets to any organization. The DAA has done an incredibly notable job of building up gender diversity. I would like to keep the momentum going by putting a focus on the racial minority segment as well. If reelected to the board, I will work with my peers to assess the DAA’s penetration with people of color, and based on what we learn, develop strategies for sustained diversification and inclusion. For example, I would love to explore how we can leverage partnerships with urban communities and perhaps inner-city colleges and high schools to elevate awareness of the DAA while expanding the diversity of our member base.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

The DAA’s mission of advancing the use of data to understand and improve the digital world through professional development and community resonates deeply with me. As a relatively young person who has advanced professionally within the analytics field, I know how important professional development and networks are to growing in this field. As a member of the DAA board, I can bring leadership and best practices to the young analytics professionals within the DAA by forming and engaging in groups and communities where we can all learn, network, kick imposter syndrome to the curb, and become stronger in our work. I also think the mid- and senior-level analyst is a critical group for the DAA. I like to think that I fall within that category and will be personally motivated to help the DAA organization develop effective “safe places” where this group can air day-to-day challenges, and get help from our peers.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

Continue working with the Education task force to clarify and define the DAA’s education offerings. One of the tenets of the DAA’s mission is professional development—and education is at the core of that. Over the years, the DAA has offered various educational services to our member base. With so many online courses available elsewhere to members now, we need to identify and leverage a niche where the DAA can add the most value. I’m committed to helping the Education task force continue to explore partnerships and opportunities that make us a go-to resource for analytics education.

Advance the DAA’s reach and its mentorship program. The DAA has been a well-kept secret for a long time. Membership has grown steadily yet slowly, and awareness of the DAA continues to be low across various groups within our target market (be that non-marketing analysts e.g. PR practitioners, data scientists, or anything in-between). We need to define exactly who our ideal customers are, then hyper-target them through specific awareness advertising to drive up membership. I am looking forward to continuing to be a resource for the DAA’s marketing team (as I have been) to ensure that we continue to challenge ourselves, put forward break-through creativity, define our perfect customer avatars, and track/optimize our campaigns for razor-sharp performance.

Build stronger networks between the DAA and the academia segment. Since 2012, I have spent part of my career teaching digital marketing and analytics to college-aged undergraduate and graduate students. And this year, I’ve fully leaned into my calling and made a full-time professorship my career. In today’s world, many colleges are trying to patch together “digital marketing” and “analytics” degrees and certifications, but many are unsure of how to go about it—and even more of them are unaware that there is an association that can be a partner to them in the process. If reelected to the board, I will work with my peers to determine paths to effective integration with colleges across the world. The more awareness we can build for DAA within the academia segment, the more members we can grow, as students, professors and administrators begin to see the value that the DAA offers to the field.

Reenergize or create a program that allows DAA members to give back to the world at large through pro bono analytics work. What good is data if we can’t use it for good? It’s no secret that the field of analytics is daunting to many businesses, and non-profits/NGOs/humanitarian groups are no exception. As a member of the DAA board, I will work with others to assess the opportunity for establishing a means by which DAA members can meaningfully offer pro bono work to organizations that would otherwise be unable to afford such services. I *think* such a program may have been created by the DAA in the past – so as a board member, I will work with my peers to uncover what worked, what didn’t, and how we can use those learnings to develop something that delivers and helps those who need it most.

Nominee Name: Nate Smith
Nominee Company: Adobe
Nominee Job Title: Director of Product Marketing
Country in which nominee is located:  USA
Nominee Sector: Vendor
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathansmith/

I hold a BS in Information Systems and an MBA from BYU. While earning my MBA, I was part of a team that competed in the Omniture Web Analytics Competition (now called the Adobe Analytics Challenge), ultimately winning 1st place. We were able to identify new insights regarding loyal segments that shifted marketing spend, resulting in higher ROI and thicker-margin AOV. Adobe recruited me, and I joined the company in 2010 as a product marketing manager in the Analytics group. I was given go-to-market responsibility for SiteCatalyst eight months later, and then over the analytics portfolio of products a year later. I have spent the last twelve years in the Analytics business and am now Director of Product Marketing for Adobe Analytics products. In addition to having deep knowledge about Adobe and its analytics products, I am intimately familiar with other analytics tools and the analytics market in general. I work with several of the top brands in the world regarding their analytics use cases, challenges, and opportunities on a weekly basis. Additionally, I work closely with third party Analyst firms such as Forrester and Gartner on reports and thought leadership, and speak publicly on Adobe’s behalf regarding analytics.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

One of things that my team and I at Adobe are known for is developing successful programs or franchises, if you will. We ideate, plan, bootstrap and execute new initiatives in the analytics business, largely to great success. These programs then get copied or mandated by leadership across multiple lines of business. In addition to programs already mentioned such as the Adobe Analytics Challenge, Higher Education Curriculum, and Diversity Outreach, I have pioneered changes to Adobe Summit tracks (Analytics is consistently #1), and digital maturity assessment. Additionally, my model for competitive intelligence has become the standard across the DX business and is utilized by groups from sales to business development to executives. This is a skill that I can contribute to the DAA. As we look forward to more exciting changes coming to our market, I believe I can help the DAA pivot quickly with novel ideas that can be executed and adopted by the membership.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

One key area that I can assist with is community and new DAA memberships. I have had responsibility for the Adobe Analytics Challenge over the last ten years, and during that time have been able to grow the program from approximately 150 participating students from 2 US-based universities to nearly 10,000 students from 700 schools across the globe, partnering with brands such as Nike and Disney. As part of this growth, my team and I have developed curriculum materials and are partnering with several universities in ongoing development and adoption. This program has given Adobe credibility to provide expert guidance and opportunities for students entering analytics roles (hundreds of students have taken analytics roles through this program, many of which had no prior analytics training). I believe there are dovetail opportunities for the DAA and this program, such as content/curriculum dev, professional development, diversity/inclusion, promotion and community involvement – to name a few. Additionally, my role as an executive for the Analytics business at Adobe ensures high-level participation and sponsorship to assist the DAA in meeting its objectives.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

The DAA has been a bedrock of the analyst community during unprecedented digital disruption and is helping to advance equality and inclusion across the industry. The mission and success embodied by the DAA is something that I want to see expand. In 2012, the organization embraced the changing technology landscape to become the DAA. Evolution continues, we are now in an inherently omnichannel world. New consumer behaviors and expectations require new analysis and metrics, such as omnichannel, sequenced journeys, and CLV. Complicated market forces such as cookie deprecation and regulations have left many brands seeking guidance on consented, first-party relationships. The DAA can be a leading voice with thought leadership, best practices, community expansion and strategic influence as data-driven decision-making and actioning touch virtually every part of an organization. I believe my role at Adobe can support the DAA as a vanguard through the next few years of this accelerating change. I also believe I can help accelerate the social mission of the DAA. For instance, I have also made diversity a top priority for the Adobe Analytics Challenge, including dedicated HBCU inclusion (and internship / full-time opportunities), resulting in over 60% of finalist students representing women and minorities.


Members will vote from the list below for two nominees to fill the remaining open Board seats. The nominees with the highest number of votes pursuant to existing election guidelines and policies will be elected to the Board of Directors. Please click a name to review the nominee information.

Nominee Name: Juan Damia
Nominee Company: Intellignos (A Havas Group Company)
Nominee Job Title: CEO
Country in which nominee is located: United States
Nominee Sector (Academic/Consultant/Practitioner/Vendor): Consultant
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/damia

My Analytics career started in 1998, working for one of the first Argentinian Tech Startups. My love for Analytics was instant. I joined the DAA in 2007 and cooperated in several projects with a focus on making the DAA available and relevant for people from different cultures and backgrounds. I worked for several companies before launching Intellignos in 2007, a company with a focus on helping clients improve their competitive situation through the use of data using much of the know-how that I have been developing for years. The company was acquired in 2016 by Havas group and I keep working there as its current CEO. I wrote the book called Meta Analytics and co-wrote Mejor Marketing by AMDIA. In 2010 Endeavor awarded me as High Impact Entrepreneur and Emerging Entrepreneur of the year. In 2019 I founded Ninety Upsilon Sigma, a company that is developing an algorithm to identify and accelerate high-impact startups.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

As an immigrant that lived in several countries, I can bring a multicultural touch that can support the fantastic work that the rest of the members have been doing to turn the DAA into a global and more open organization. Our industry is very math-oriented, no doubt about it, but we are still humans and the cultural aspects are still the most important ones in our careers and life. Do you know that 9 out of 10 companies are not taking information into action? Did you know that the problem is not technical but cultural? Let's work on that together.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

The DAA has done a great job not only on evangelizing about the benefits of the practices we promote but also on constantly raising the bar. I'm convinced there's no better way to learn than from each other, mainly from our errors. During the last 20 years, I've been promoting the use of data to understand and improve the digital world through professional development and community. Back in 2007, I created an event called HOWA (Hands-on Web Analytics) that was key to expanding the Analytics practice throughout Latin America. I wrote two books. Since 2005 I've been writing in my blog about Analytics in both Spanish and English. I worked with Universities to create programs to teach Analytics and I taught in many of them. I participated as Jury in startup contests to promote the development of better technology for our industry. I would love to bring all that experience to work hand in hand with the rest of the members to achieve the DAA mission.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?
I am convinced of the importance of the DAA for the Digital Analytics industry. However many people in our industry don't really know anything about the DAA or how it can improve their professional careers. There's a need for a constant and tireless evangelization process. I've done that in the past, talking about Analytics in Latam when nobody really knew what it was, I'm positive there is much more we can do now if we work together.

Nominee Name: Sara Hoffman
Nominee Company: Bounteous
Nominee Job Title: Associate Director, Analytics Services
Country in which nominee is located: United States
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant / Practitioner / Vendor): Consultant
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahoffman/

I came to analytics through web development. I have been in the digital development and measurement space for over 15 years across various agency consulting and in-house roles.

At Bounteous, Blast, and Beaconfire RED, I worked on measurement and optimization/personalization testing strategies within web builds, marketing, and fundraising campaigns for healthcare clients, non-profits, and professional associations. Prior to agency work, I was the in-house analyst at World Wildlife Fund, building a digital measurement practice across the marketing and communications division. Through work at Blackbaud/Convio, I have worked on web development projects for ~75% of the Top 100 Non-Profits across multiple verticals from healthcare, animal welfare, and human rights.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

I've participated in different aspects of the DAA throughout my years as a member and a chapter leader. I'm excited for many of the upcoming shifts that the association is steering towards right now - stepping away from Higher Logic, migrating CRMs, and the privacy review. I'm not so big on the individual contributor angle for my ideal role on such a board, I'd like to be an agent of change for something that I'm passionate about with others. As a chapter leader, I've been adamant that the Community didn't make sense for us as an organization to sink an expense into where our CRM's duplicate management caused further strife; I'd much rather see the DAA integrated into areas where the people of our community already are and making sure that we're representing/marketing the association within those spaces.
How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

Ensuring that our membership feels heard and represented in the programs and product offerings that we as an association put together; continue to foster open-houses and group discussions around difficult topics that aren't recorded. There are disconnects in our digital world now that we're primarily remote and I'd love to see more happen for the DAA to create career-oriented content that assists analysts in the changing tides of our industry. I'd like more emphasis put on communication, in all forms; I think that's been evident in conversations that I've had in Chapter Leader meetings.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

"Digital" means a lot more today than it did when my title was "Web Traffic Analyst" and the organization needs to co-mingle with data science, data engineering, and optimization as well as visual design and user experience crafts. I would love to see more co-branded events with other organizations/associations. I would also be interested in reinforcing the career matrix with some curriculum or discussion groups about the differences between in-house vs agency, navigating stakeholder conversations, and transitioning from agency to in-house (or vice versa). I'd like to see the DAA on a new CRM, with a new communications model and plan, and have better integration in objectives between the Board, the Chapter Leaders, chapter members, and the general membership at large.

Nominee Name: Brandon Kenig
Nominee Company: 10up
Nominee Job Title: Associate Director of Audience Growth Strategy
Country in which nominee is located: United States
Nominee Sector (Academic/Consultant/Practitioner/Vendor): Software Vendor
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonkenig/

I have 12+ years of experience in web analytics, primarily for SaaS firms, but also for large multinational corporations (Cox Automotive, AMC Theaters), agencies, and early-stage startups. I've consulted on web analytics for startups for more than 7 years now, and I have expertise in advanced analytics via data-layer event tracking, schema markup development, conversion rate optimization and benchmarking conversion funnel analysis, and user journey mapping. Primary highlights include advanced analytics tracking for funnel completion, abandonment, and "time to complete" metrics for online transactions for the California DMV and A/B and multivariate testing for Facebook.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

My in-field work creating new, calculated metrics that combine timing variables and standard analytics insights such as field inputs and step completions, along with behavior-revealing techniques such as deep analysis of internal site search via user data input (keyboard strokes) vs. auto-suggest result selection. I've worked in a variety of industry verticals in-house and in an agency environment, across firms small, medium, and large. I've also led analytics strategy and execution, from user persona mapping and journey mapping to data insight implementation and funnel creation to user experience research via heatmaps, screen recordings, in-app surveys, and A/B and multivariate testing. That holistic knowledge and understanding of foundational/strategic analytics principles, as well as tactical/performance-based execution, is a differentiator.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

I'm a major believer in cross-discipline collaboration and knowledge-sharing, so I would encourage the DAA to collaborate across other disciplines, including engineering/developer associations, designer/UX communities, and content creator communities in addition to making a direct, concerted marketing and membership push to mid-size growth firms.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

I'd like to see DAA as an active contributor to online communities where digital marketers and content creators congregate in addition to publishing and partnering on a greater body of disciplinary research that provides real, valuable insights into how different industries use data and how consumers navigate and behave online.

Nominee Name: Derek Linares
Nominee Company: Accenture
Nominee Job Title: Digital Strategy Manager
Country in which nominee is located: United States
Nominee Sector (Academic/Consultant/Practitioner/Vendor): Consultant
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dereklinares/

I've worked primarily at full-service marketing agencies for nearly 12 years, helping companies leverage technology to deliver more efficient and personalized marketing. I specialize in analytics measurement, campaign advertising, and data engineering. I pride myself on being a very technical marketer. I manage developers and engineers while working with business leaders to ensure that the executive strategy is aligned with how the tools and technology are built. I am passionate about deepening my expertise in marketing technology.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

One major contribution that I will bring to DAA is a fresh perspective on the fast-changing privacy landscape, including how cookie restrictions and privacy laws are changing digital marketing forever. This would include very tactical advice that companies can implement with practical next steps.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

I love to empower others and equip professionals with the knowledge to make a difference in their roles. I enjoy solving analytics problems and want to continue in that mission wherever I go. I've had the chance to speak with DAA members at a few events over the last few years and I would love the opportunity to drive that mission.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

I would like to see the DAA grow its members and continue to be a strong voice in the digital analytics industry. I can specifically help by being a subject matter expert and encouraging others to learn and grow in whatever area of digital analytics that they are interested in pursuing further.

Nominee Name: Joseph Miscavige
Nominee Company: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Nominee Job Title: Director of Analytics
Country in which nominee is located: United States
Nominee Sector (Academic/Consultant/Practitioner/Vendor): Practitioner
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josephmiscavige/

I’ve spent the past 11 years in various data & analytics roles as a practitioner in both the for-profit and non-profit sides of the media business. I’m currently the Director of Analytics within PBS’s Business Intelligence Group where I’ve moved from managing day-to-day analytics challenges for PBS Kids digital to now overseeing broader data distribution efforts as well as a portfolio of client-facing data products. I’ve been an active member of the DAA since 2015. During that time I’ve been a chapter leader, a Special Interest Group member (and Steering Committee chair), helped plan Symposia and multiple DAA OneConferences and won the 2018 Practitioner of the Year award at the 2018 Quanties.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

This is actually a really hard question to answer! I’d say in general, a 10+ year career full of ups & downs and hard lessons learned, some of which might be useful to practitioners who are just starting out. More specifically - the design development and deployment of a public media-wide business intelligence platform which one user described as a “quantum leap forward” in the depth and quality of data available to stations about their local digital audiences.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

I’d like to see DAA take the lead on a more tactical, immediate approach to skill development. For example - could there be a SQL Bootcamp (similar to what someone like Bounteous offers) as a pre-conference offering at the next OneConference? Perhaps partner with ToastMasters to help those nervous about public speaking? A data visualization showcase. A judgement-free “Explain Like I’m 5” session/webinar/etc (perhaps with questions submitted anonymously).

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

I would love to figure out a way for the DAA to stand apart/above other analytics organizations. How do we make chapter events and the OneConference MUST attend events? How do we make the value proposition of the DAA so strong that you are doing yourself a disservice by not joining? What do practitioners want and how do we give it to them? I’d like to develop a more thoughtful mode of understanding what member/potential members want because I’m not sure we know.

Nominee Name: Garrett Mark Scott
Nominee Company: Indegene
Nominee Job Title: Digital Strategy Manager - GSK US Division
Country in which nominee is located: United States
Nominee Sector (Academic/Consultant/Practitioner/Vendor): Practitioner
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garrettmarkscott/

My experiences have provided a wide view of the different landscapes of the industry. My career has traveled through content creation, dynamic media flighting, tactical implementation of tag management and web analytics solutions, intuitive data warehouse architecture, and a few wizardly automations with python. The time invested in building my technical expertise has proven to set a strong foundation for me to climb as an emerging leader of people. I can intently listen, understand, and appreciate the talent of the different teams we collaborate with. It has been through earned respect from others that my greatest recognitions over the past 4 years have blossomed. These recognitions include Employee of the Year (DealerWorld), Global Employee Recognition (GSK), President's Award (DAA), and being elected to lead our very own DAA Digital Implementation Task Force. This theme is also matched by those that have supportingly written recommendations found on my LinkedIn.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?
  • I will bring the passion of a young leader that can relate to those yearning for their first breakthrough.
  • I will serve as a voice for the thousands of practitioners located in rural areas that come to the DAA seeking a community.
  • I will be available for our members' thoughts and visions of what a better tomorrow could look like.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

Community. It is what brought me to the DAA and I have served as a member of the Community Task Force for about 3 years. Specifically, I would assist the DAA by serving as a director with a focus on member engagement. This would be accomplished using the metrics we have set in place through the Digital Implementation Task Force. One metric I would like to focus on improving is the login frequency of our online community. Additionally, I would like to see content contributions submitted by our members publicized through our media channels to amplify our members' voices to the DAA's professional audiences.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

# 1
I would like to see the DAA solidify its position as the golden standard of our industry. Specifically, I would like to see more DAA-owned publications that serve as trusted sources of information and opinions on where our industry is currently, and what lies ahead. Ideally, these publications would be vetted by two or more industry leaders in our community. Specifically, I can help with creating a manageable framework and sourcing ways to represent the voices of our members for subjective topics. This could include quotes from opposing thoughts, polls, and cited research for quarterly publications.

I would like to contribute to efforts in the creation of international membership pricing following similar practices that are used by the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Specifically, I would assist in defining fair brackets to help eliminate barriers from those looking to professionally develop and join our global community from emerging countries. I feel everyone should have a fair chance at a successful career.

Nominee Name: Craig Scribner
Nominee Company: Merkle - Cardinal Path
Nominee Job Title: Product Strategy Director
Country in which nominee is located: United States
Nominee Sector (Academic/Consultant/Practitioner/Vendor): Consultant
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cscribner/

Analytics Consultant: 10+ years (Omniture, HP, VML) Data Governance Entrepreneur: 10+ years (Tracking First, Claravine) Analytics Agency Leadership: 6 months (Merkle - Cardinal Path) Master's degree, BYU Taught graduate course on Data Science & Big Data within University of Utah's MSIS program

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

Networking is my superpower. I'm especially well-connected across the industry, so the relationships I've built over many years can help us in a variety of ways. These include: ► Expanding corporate memberships ► Establishing other partnerships with universities, businesses, and other associations ► Breathing new life into connections that have waned I also bring my boundless energy to the table. Over the years I've served on DAA committees, been a mentor (officially and unofficially) to junior members and I'm continually helping people land jobs in our field and move forward in their careers. This is simply part of my DNA. Here are a few specific ways that enthusiasm could benefit the board: ► Rallying members to join committees, sub-committees, mentoring opportunities, or other volunteer roles ► Promote and nurture local chapters where leaders tend to feel overburdened ► Energize fellow board members to fully participate and follow through on their projects ► Broadcast and celebrate the exciting initiatives and accomplishments of the DAA

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

The lion's share of jobs in today's workforce is filled through strategic networking, not by filling out and submitting applications. This is true for people breaking into the field, but networking is even more powerful as people want to advance along their career path, whether that means leveling-up, pivoting, or blazing a new trail. Inspiring people to be more active and involved in that community is where I will have the biggest impact. Experienced analysts want to present best practices and build their personal brand as Subject Matter Experts; I can draw those would-be presenters out of the woodwork. And others looking to learn and develop will benefit from those presentations; I can build audiences for those sessions.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

Last year's OneConference was a shadow of its former self, a travesty we can indisputably lay at the feet of the pandemic. But the revival of that conference and community as the world emerges from lockdown is not a given. My goal and sincere hope for the next two years will be to, first, restore the DAA's pre-pandemic levels of membership, activity and participation, and then surpass them. It's going to take an enormous amount of (strategically applied) energy and effort to coax people out of their shells and back into the shared glow of the community, and as a board member, I'll be a key player on the team that makes that happen. Beyond driving up the numbers, I also want to see the DAA become a more effective on-ramp for people transitioning into data for the first time. Currently, there are more jobs in data than people to fill them. But at the same time, our field's barriers-to-entry are keeping too many people out. I recently mentored a woman who had, as a working adult and parent of four young boys, completed a Master's program in Data and Analytics. And still, it was exceedingly hard for her to land her first job in the field, to the point that she nearly gave up her dream of working in analytics. The DAA has an opportunity to remove obstacles and enable people to transition into promising careers in data, and I want to be an agent affecting that change.