2022 Board of Director Nominees

DAA is pleased to present the 2022-24 Board of Director nominees. The member voting period is open from April 4 through April 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM ET. There is a total of six Board seats up for election, in the below two sections. Voting members of the DAA receive an email with a unique voting link, if you were a member at the start of the voting period and did not receive an email please contact membership.

Please note the following important reminders:

  • Only one ballot can be submitted by each voting member.
  • Only the votes received during the specified timeframe will be counted as cast votes. Late ballot submissions will not be accepted.
  • Only members of the DAA in good standing at the start of the voting period are eligible to vote in an election.
  • All votes will remain confidential.


The slate consists of three Board seats and will be voted on as a block. Members can either vote for the slate or against the slate. The nominees on the slate are below, please click a name to expand or collapse the nominee information.

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Nominee Name: Jeff Allen
Nominee Company: Adobe
Nominee Job Title: Senior Director of Product Marketing – Analytics
Country is which nominee is located: USA
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant / Practitioner / Vendor): Vendor
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffreyaallen

In his role at Adobe, Jeff is responsible for the global go-to-market for Adobe Analytics Cloud. This includes all functions from naming, pricing and packaging the product and its capabilities to messaging, positioning, launching and ensuring the product is successful in market. Jeff works closely with customers and industry leaders to understand where the market is headed and to help people understand Adobe’s strategy. Jeff has been behind the release of advanced analytics features such as: virtual analyst, segment IQ, anomaly detection, contribution analysis, attribution IQ, Analysis Workspace and many others.

In addition to helping shape the vision and strategy, Jeff regularly represents Adobe at numerous analyst, media, industry and Adobe-sponsored events. During his time at Adobe, Adobe Analytics has received numerous accolades from all major analyst publications. Most recently Adobe was recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave, Web Analytics, November 2017 and the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Digital Marketing Analytics, September 2017.

Jeff has spent the last 20+ years of his career working in tech marketing, sales and product management roles. Prior to joining Adobe, he was VP of Marketing for AtTask (now Workfront), a hyper-growth SaaS project management company. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University in Russian and Business.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

As a leader at one of the largest vendors in the analytics industry, I try to represent the views of the Adobe user base to the Board of Directors. I try to bring my understanding of what our users need to do their job more effectively and to grow their careers to every decision I participate in. Adobe has a hand in shaping where the industry is heading and the DAA should be right alongside or leading this trajectory as well.

The biggest things I’ve tried to focus on with the DAA are growing the membership base and improving the organization’s financial position. Following are some of the biggest things I’ve worked on during my first term:

DAA Sponsorship Products – I have participated in designing, vetting and eliminating various sponsorship products to help grow the financial foundation of the DAA.

Corporate University Benefactor program – I introduced the idea that some DAA member organizations may want to sponsor University Memberships of educational institutions in exchange for greater access to their faculty and students. This program has generated thousands of dollars in new revenue for the DAA. Under this program, University students are able to get a free membership, which will help grow the membership base.

Recipes – I helped drive the Analytics Recipe program at Adobe by sponsoring lunch-hour writing sessions with spiffs for consultants and Product Managers who were willing to write new recipes.

Quanties – For years prior to joining the BoD, I felt like the DAA Awards for Excellence was a clique that was hard to crack. Being with Adobe, of course, we could crack it, but I wanted it to be more open and to focus more on practitioners. I have been on the team that redesigned the Awards for Excellence, and I think we have the beginnings of a franchise that can become the most prestigious award in our industry if we execute properly. There is much more to do on Quanties, and I look forward to seeing it come to fruition and take its place in the industry.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

As we are constantly reminded, the proliferation of devices and customer data, and the looming impact of AI, ML and data science are creating many new opportunities for analytics professionals to expand their responsibilities and power. Bringing tangential fields into the DAA will allow members to grow their skillset. It will also grow the DAA community and keep the DAA relevant to our member base.

In addition, keeping someone from Adobe on the DAA board will make analytics professionals more effective and valuable by giving greater access to the Adobe support ecosystem.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

Membership needs to grow at the national level, but it also needs to be reflected at the local level as well. One of the most important elements of the DAA is in-person networking opportunities. Bringing on new members can re-energize the local community, but the DAA also needs more local support in order to grow its regional markets as well. The focus needs to be on providing more relevant and effective events for our members in more new cities. I believe my experience at Adobe and in previous roles will provide value and direction to the board.

Nominee Name: Mary Owusu
Nominee Company: Mower
Nominee Job Title: Vice President, Analytics + SEO
Country is which nominee is located: United States
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant / Practitioner / Vendor): Practitioner. Additionally, although I am not an academic member of the DAA, I have been teaching digital marketing and analytics courses to college students since 2012.
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryo

I’ve never been much of a talker; I can’t say the same for my brain.

Fifteen+ years ago when I entered the SEO field, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was acutely uncomfortable talking to my clients about their site’s rankings and stopping there. My brain was in a constant state of “so what?"– and I frequently found myself digging deeper for insights regarding business impact.

Over the course of those 15 years, I worked as the global digital marketing lead for Ivoclar Vivadent, StuffedAnimals.com and PCA Group – leading digital marketing and analytics efforts. Now as the Vice President of Analytics and SEO at Mower, my responsibility is my passion. I lead the agency’s commitment to data-centered marketing solutions for our clients. My job is to develop the analytics products necessary to sustain our position as a forward-thinking agency – and the DAA has been instrumental in my success.

My DAA membership has been more than influential to my career growth, and I cannot say enough about the wealth of support it has afforded me. Equally important is the fact that I am committed to the DAA as well.

I was selected to represent the DAA as its Women in Analytics keynote speaker in the last-ever eMetrics Summit in October 2017. In addition, I volunteered for and subsequently served on the University of British Columbia’s Content Review Task Force in 2017, helping the DAA organization revise the digital marketing course work provided by the university.

My passion is to demystify analytics to young minds and minorities. Since 2012, I have been a member of the Canisius College faculty, teaching digital marketing to both undergraduate and MBA students. In that role, I have produced some of Buffalo's youngest digital professionals many of whom are now working in our local economy, giving back to the world with an expertise that’s in high demand. I also actively serve on the college’s MBA Mentorship program through which I have coached several young female professionals who are now actively working in private, public and nonprofit sectors.

It is my goal to bring an innovative perspective and sharp smarts to a STEM field that's often seen as complex and complicated.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

Build upon the DAA’s commitment to inclusion by helping to grow racial diversity at both the member and board levels. It goes without saying that diversity and inclusion are important tenets to any organization. The DAA has done an incredibly notable job of building up gender diversity. I would like to keep the momentum going by putting focus on the racial minority segment as well. If elected to the board, I will work with my peers to assess the DAA’s penetration within the racial minority target group, and based on what we learn, develop strategies for sustained diversification and inclusion. For example, I would love to explore how we can leverage partnerships with urban colleges and perhaps inner-city high schools to elevate awareness of the DAA while expanding the diversity of our member base.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

The DAA’s mission of advancing the use of data to understand and improve the digital world through professional development and community resonates deeply with me. As a relatively young person who has advanced professionally within the analytics field, I know how important professional development and networks are to growing in this field. As a member of the DAA board, I can bring leadership and best practices to the young analytics professionals within the DAA by forming small, intimate communities where no question is a stupid question and where they truly can learn and become stronger in their work. I also think the mid-level analyst is critical group for the DAA. I like to think that I fall within that category and will be personally motivated to help the DAA organization develop effective “safe places" where this group can air day-to-day challenges, and get help from our peers.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

Two-year goal: Develop a DAA app that drives engagement among existing members and serves as a magnet for new membership.

The DAA is a wonderful community that offers a wealth of information to its members. I’ll admit though that sometimes I wonder if there’s something happening within the organization that I’m missing out on. The FOMO is real! As a member of the DAA board, I will work with others to push forward the development of a DAA app that not only continues to offer the same great content the DAA already provides, but also becomes a best-in-class sales tool (a draw) for membership because of its ability to connect DAA members with one another, to allow members to create and share original content, and allow members to easily find groups/jobs/resources that fit their needs. Obviously, the app’s development will need to be scaled and phased, but once developed, it could become one of the DAA’s best tools for building stickiness with its member base.

Two-year goal: Build stronger networks between the DAA and the academia segment.

Since 2012, I have spent part of my career teaching digital marketing and analytics to college-aged undergraduate and graduate students. And each semester, my students are mesmerized to learn about the data, tools and “cool stuff" that happens within the field of analytics. In today’s world, many colleges are trying to patch together “digital marketing" and “analytics" degrees and certifications, but many are unsure of how to go about it and many are unaware that there is an association that can be a partner to them in the process. If elected to the board, I will work with my peers to determine paths to effective integration with colleges across the world. The more awareness we can build for DAA within the academia segment, the more members we can grow, as students, professors and administrators begin to see the value that the DAA offers to the field.

Two-year goal: Reenergize or create a program that allows DAA members to give back to the world at large through pro bono analytics work.

What good is data if we can’t use it for good? It’s no secret that the field of analytics is daunting to many businesses, and non-profits/NGOs/humanitarian groups are no exception. As a member of the DAA board, I will work with others to assess the opportunity for establishing a means by which DAA members can meaningfully offer pro bono work to organizations that would otherwise be unable to afford such services. I *think* such a program may have been created by the DAA in the past – so as a board member, I will work with my peers to uncover what worked, what didn’t, and how we can use those learnings to develop something that delivers and helps those who need it most.

Nominee Name: Rusty Rahmer
Nominee Company: Vanguard
Nominee Job Title: Head of Enterprise Digital Intelligence and Analytics Enablement
Country is which nominee is located: USA
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant / Practitioner / Vendor): Practitioner
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rustyrahmer

An experienced digital leader, with over 10 years of experience driving digital strategy, technology program planning, and delivery at Vanguard. Since 2013 I have been leading Vanguard’s enterprise digital intelligence program and has since built and managed the firm’s Digital Intelligence Center of Excellence. My expertise is centered in developing digital program strategy, inspiring business leadership to invest, and providing program leadership through organizational construction and operational transformation.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

Knowledge, experience, and passion for the application, use, utility, and practicality of solutions to develop the skills and competencies necessary to be successful as an individual analyst and building up a successful analytics practice.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

Lending my experience, perspective, and capabilities to steer the strategies and investments of the board in delivering value to individual and corporate members.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

In two years the DAA should; have 25% more membership; be delivering accessible, industry leading local events (symposiums) in more cities and locations than ever before (events up 10%, attendance up 20%); be seen as THE source for certification of skills and competencies in industry; and continue to produce engaging, industry leading thought leadership content. I believe I can help by ensuring that we continue on our path of financial wellness to ensure a viable and the sustainable source of investment back into the products, services, and infrastructure to execute on that membership value proposition and vision of success.


The At-Large consists of two Board seats. Members will vote for two nominees, the nominees with the highest number of votes pursuant to existing election guidelines and policies will be elected to the Board of Directors. The nominees for the At-Large seats are below, please click a name to expand or collapse the nominee information.

Click a name to expand or collapse nominee information panel.

Nominee Name: Michael Helbling
Nominee Company: Search Discovery, Inc.
Nominee Job Title: Analytics Practice Lead
Country is which nominee is located: USA 
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant / Practitioner / Vendor):Consultant
Nominee LinkedIn Profilehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/adamgreco/

Michael Helbling is a seasoned digital analytics leader. After entering the industry in 2004, he quickly rose to prominence as an industry contributor, blogger, and speaker. He has spent time as both a practitioner and consultant, working at and for many global brands. After joining Search Discovery in 2012, he took on the leadership of the Analytics Practice there in 2013. His leadership has resulted in triple digit growth over the last 4 years and being listed in the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies. Michael is a co-host of the highly rated Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

Michael brings a pragmatic sense of what it means to fulfill the promise of digital analytics. For an individual this means understanding what it takes to move their career, expertise, and development within their chosen career path. For organizations this means a strong sense of how an Analytics Ecosystem must be developed so that analytics can flourish in the context of their organization.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

Our industry for better or worse has been dominated by vendor messaging that promises that a tool can accomplish what is better described as the combined work of people, process, and finally technology. To advance the use of data and to drive understanding and improvement of the digital world means that we as an industry must continue in the pursuit of a holistic understanding of what makes analytics possible in any given organization. Furthermore, as an industry we must continue to aggressively pursue the expansion of talent to our industry from all areas. As a people leader, I am passionate about the development of talent and the definition of analytics within organizations. I believe that my experience and perspective can be valuable in continuing to grow an appropriate evaluation of the necessary role of technology while encouraging the active engagement of a highly diverse group of people within our industry and community of practice.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

Over the next two years our industry will increasingly deal with the rights of users in the context of data collection, storage, and usage. I believe a very important role the DAA can play in this time is to help coordinate and shape the regulatory landscape in the United States specifically. I believe I am well suited to help guide these efforts within our industry because of my empathy for the individual and their data rights as well as an understanding of the methods of data collection and their potential uses across the industry.

Nominee Name: David Kaul
Nominee Company: Google
Nominee Job Title: Director of Performance, Measurement, & Analytics
Country is which nominee is located: USA
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant /Practitioner / Vendor): Executive / Practitioner
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidskaul/

As the Director of Performance, Measurement & Analytics at Google, David helps the largest US companies transform their marketing efforts into profit centers through meaningful and measurable business outcomes powered by analytics.

He is a passionate visionary who builds high-performing organizations. David currently manages a team of 72 with 8 managers across 6 job functions and 4 industries (Travel, Finance, Pharma/OTC, Health Systems). Since joining Google in 2006, he has worked across 27 offices, 19 countries, and 5 continents.

A former technology consultant at IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers, David has also consulted at over a dozen Fortune 500 companies across the retail, technology, auto, entertainment, and healthcare industries.

David earned an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin and a BS in Marketing from Penn State University. He currently lives in New York City with his wife Camila and son Dean.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

I will bring organizations together across the analytics ecosystem and help the DAA create a better digital world through data. Recent examples of how I have done this include my thought leadership around:

  1. "Magic Numbers": Advertising outcomes are often represented as a function of cost (eg. ROI). Given the inverse relationship between ROI and Profit, it is important for marketers to optimize to their own Magic Numbers (aka Sales Targets) to ensure sustained, profitable growth.
  2. LTV Playbook: Leading marketers are 1.5 times more likely to use metrics like LTV as a metric of success (Source: Bain Marketing Survey 2016). Marketers can now use our recently published LTV Playbook to bridge the gap between theory and application to drive growth and avoid investing to the average.
  3. "Modern Search": Search Engine Marketing is no longer what it was at the turn of the century. Marketers need to rethink how they activate Search by optimizing to business outcomes, improving mobile user experiences, and automating as much as possible.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission ?

I will assist the DAA by expanding and strengthening its community, ensuring professional development is meaningful and progressive, and advancing the use of data through best practice sharing. Two ideas to get started include:

  1. Develop a 360 Feedback @DAA Self Service Model as a base for meaningful career conversations between members. Publish career development best practices and connect members across like passion and potential.
  2. Increase the quantity and quality of best practices around the use of data for practitioners and executives. Institute a quarterly process to highlight proof points of how data and analytics are used to transform businesses. Success (and failure) welcome! Winners could be based on what is deemed "sticky" and highly reusable by members of the DAA.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

There is an opportunity to refine the DAA vision to create a "better business world through digital data". Marketing should be viewed as a profit center vs. a cost center. Three ways to make that happen include:

  1. Increase number of corporate members, deepen their involvement, and further diversity among the association.
  2. Establish a quantitative and qualitative baseline for success. For example: accelerate the size of the addressable digital market and measure C-SAT for stakeholders of the DAA.
  3. Create a GAAP equivalent for Business Analytics to align digital KPIs to business outcomes through a common language. This nomenclature will make it more seamless to integrate and action on 1st and 3rd party data as well as create more holistic business solutions.

Nominee Name: Tina Munro
Nominee Company: eSage Group
Nominee Job Title: Director of Marketing
Country is which nominee is located: United States
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant / Practitioner / Vendor): Consultant
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin/in/tinamunro

I have been directly involved in the analytics field as Director of Marketing for eSage Group, a boutique sales and marketing analytics consultancy, for 6 years. During that time, I founded and continue to run the Seattle and LA Marketing Analytics Group Meetups. Seattle has over 3,000 members, LA has over 1,500. They meet monthly and feature high level speakers from leading brands. My goal with the Meetups has been to create an educational, community building event in a fun, casual environment. I had 2 rules when I started them. No conference room and make it fun. eSage Group continues to sponsor the first drink and light appetizers to help foster networking and to provide a little food given it is the dinner hour. The Meetups were held in bars initially until we outgrew even the larger ones. Seattle is now held at a Cuban night club near Starbucks’ headquarters and LA is held in a co-working space in Santa Monica. My mantra is that analytics need not be contained to a conference room with a spreadsheet on the screen, rather it can be as dynamic as any other marketing role. (Not to say a spreadsheet is a bad thing. I love a good spreadsheet with a pie chart and PivotTable. 😉) I have carried this view with me as a DAA Chapter Lead for Seattle for the last 3 years to successfully deliver symposia and other local events.

The Meetup and local DAA participation helps explain what has brought be to the point of wanting to get more involved in the DAA at a National level.

In terms of my general past work experience, I am what I will call a classically trained product marketer. I have spent most of my 20 years of marketing as a consultant to Microsoft in their business productivity product groups, partner and field marketing teams. I started my career as a college intern and then a full time employee in Microsoft’s Consumer Productivity group as a Product Manager for Microsoft Works and Home Essentials. I then moved to their Office product group to help launch Office 95 and subsequent version until my departure in 1999. My product manager roles involved product feature planning, running beta programs, customer research, positioning, localization, packaging, pricing, promotion, field enablement and other go-to-market activities.

My current role at eSage Group as Director of Marketing, has allowed me to meet with a variety of enterprise customers to understand how they are using analytics to better understand their customers and improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. Given eSage Group is focused on effectively integrating disparate data sources to provide meaningful insights to marketers, I have a deep understanding of the MarTech stack, storage, analytical and data visualization tools. It is my goal as a marketer to communicate to our customers the value of analytics and what is possible by creating a data platform that enables deeper customer insights and advanced analytics to predict future needs and behaviors and deliver more personalized messaging.

My career and passion lie in how businesses can use technology to better understand their customers so they may deliver better products and services more effectively to drive net new sales, increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and ultimately drive increased revenue. As technology has matured and now touches all aspects of our personal and professional lives, it has become very exciting to me as a marketer. This is where my passion specifically for digital analytics comes in. Customer data has never been so plentiful. Never before have we been able to understand our customers (B2B or B2C) at such a granular level that 1:1 personalized marketing is a reality. The cost to store marketing data, the ability to combine other data sources and the availability of powerful analytic tools to garner the intelligence to influence marketing campaign effectiveness is incredible. Layer on top of that new technologies - Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality - marketing gets more and more exciting.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

I want to share my passion for marketing and marketing analytics by broadening my role in the DAA so that I may help drive cutting edge initiatives/programs that actively engage the local chapters and drive new memberships. I have a strong background in events, so I see that as being one of the areas that I can immediately add value. By increasing individual member engagement, the organization will be able to better sell corporate memberships and sponsorships which is critical for financial success and the perception of DAA as a thought leading organization.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

The DAA Vision: A better digital world through data.

The DAA Mission is: Advancing the use of data to understand and improve the digital world through professional development and community.

I feel I can assist in meeting the objective of the DAA vision and mission by offering my experience in marketing to help market the association itself to drive awareness and membership. I also feel my passion for events will naturally result in new ways to create community by engaging local chapters and members through educational and networking events.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

Analytics touches every aspect of marketing. I see DAA as an organization that helps marketers understand the ever evolving landscape by offering general industry thought leadership, practitioner education, and facilitates information sharing amongst members and non-members. Specifically, I see that translating into more chapters and members. Also, an increase in corporate sponsorships for not only symposia, but other initiatives the DAA drives. There are other Associations competing for members money and mindshare, while it can be symbiotic, it also means that DAA must show an ever increasing level of thought leadership in both analytics AND marketing. At the national level that may mean some new PR and other marketing activities for the association itself, which I can help shape.

Nominee Name: Seth Romanow
Nominee Company: Merkle, Inc
Nominee Job Title: VP, Client Partner
Country is which nominee is located: USA 
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant / Practitioner / Vendor): Vendor

I’m located in the Seattle area and VP, Client Partner at Merkle working with several of our strategic Tech and B2B accounts in the Northwest across analytics, performance media, customer experience, MarTech, and Data. Prior to Merkle, I was at Harte Hanks for over 6 years. For 4 and a half years I headed up Marketing Strategy and Analytics for our B2B vertical. I this role, I worked with clients to define their go-to-market strategies, drive sales qualified leads and conversion, and improve their use of analytics to define high propensity customers, perform advanced segmentation, and create better customer journeys. I was then asked by our head of sales to create and run a sales operations organization. My remit included pricing, sales training and enablement, CRM platform selection and deployment, RFP and pitch management, managing an inside lead gen team, and providing sales analytics and reporting. I was in this role for 18 months prior to moving to Merkle.

Prior to these two roles, I spent several years at Microsoft, managing web analytics, web services, and the customer database for Microsoft.com. And prior to Microsoft, I was with Compaq / HP for over 10 years managing Compaq.com and then global analytics after the acquisition by HP. During that time, my team pioneered the deployment of a single global platform for web analytics (Omniture), search engine optimization, analytics supporting pricing, and product adoption, propensity modeling, conversion optimization, site quality measurement, and the use of human factors and content architecture in global site design.

I also have experience on the agency side at Wunderman, BBDO, and EuroRSCG in leadership account management roles on brands including: Apple, Microsoft, and Intel.

I was also a former WAA /DAA board member and officer.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

  • A passionate, broad and very practical perspective on digital analytics and its importance in creating, measuring, managing, and optimizing great customer experiences combined with experience on the practitioner and agency / vendor side of the equation.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

  • Bringing energy, some different perspectives, and evangelistic approach to the importance of data and its proper, ethical, and constructive use. This must underpin every conversation and educational program. I believe these issues are important to attracting and retaining new members.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

  • I think the DAA has done over the years (and particularly recently) a good job in expanding membership and opening new chapters. Where the DAA needs to be in two years is to increase its local chapters. The strength of any organization lies in having localized presence and meeting the needs of those communities. Many of the key issues are the similar, but each city / location has a different set of priorities based on the economy, industries, culture, industry standards, and laws. This includes increasing presence in additional US cities as well as outside the US.
  • It would be great to see additional sponsors, particularly more of those with analytics tools.
  • AI and machine learning are becoming significant factors in analytics practice. DAA needs to develop a strategy to address within its professional development programs and community activities. Focus would probably be on tools and application.

Nominee Name: Tanya Wigmore
Nominee Company: Meticulosity
Nominee Job Title: Chief Marketing Officer
Country is which nominee is located: Cayman Islands
Nominee Sector (Academic / Consultant / Practitioner / Vendor): Consultant & Practitioner
Nominee LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanyawigmore/

Working hands-on in website analytics and advertising analytics since 2005, I have been a trusted partner for clients in many different verticals to collect, analyze and act upon small and large data sets. I’ve worked on many different platforms and have encountered all kinds of ‘nuances’ that I’ve learned to leverage and fix to get a more complete and accurate view of what the data is saying, and why.

Trained as a sociologist, my education helps me make the leap between cause and effect. We know what the numbers say but what does it really mean? What’s going on that is causing this, and what can we do about it? This mix of data + analysis has helped me succeed in my career; working in-house, in agencies, then growing and selling my own agency, and now, in the Cayman Islands where I have helped to scale Meticulosity from a two-man show to a multinational web development and marketing agency.

I have a passion for leadership and giving back to the community. I currently sit on the Board of Directors for the Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association (CIMPA) as the Head of Training.

What major contribution will you bring to DAA and its membership?

A passion to grow community and to spark engagement and discourse with members, as well as a business-focused background that’s practical to help in the professional development of members who are looking to advance their careers.

How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting the objectives of the DAA Mission?

As Head of Training for CIMPA, I have a lot of experience in planning, developing and executing training programs for those who want professional development. I can bring these to the table to help the different committees more effectively engage with our audience.

Where do you think the DAA should be in the next two years? How can you specifically assist DAA with meeting that objective?

I would like to see DAA as the “go to” for digital analytics and web analytics training and certification. I can specifically help further that by helping to develop the strategy to get us there and to identify and leverage already existing avenues that we can use to further the mission of the DAA.