Advanced SQL


This class is taught by Anil Batra of Optizent Academy and after registration, will be hosted at

Here's what previous SQL students had to say about the SQL Fundamentals course:

"Anil does an excellent job presenting SQL for beginners. The course began with basics and ended with real scripts that help answer actual business questions. He also took the time to help me solve with SQL a specific reporting issue that previously took lots of manual action. I learned a lot and highly recommend Anil as an instructor."

"Anil is a great instructor. He makes the content interesting and also makes sure everyone in class understands the lessons."

"This SQL course was informative and led by a knowledgeable instructor."

DAA is excited to offer the Advanced SQL course. This course consists of (6) Video Classes (to consume when convenient for you), and (6) 30-minute Live Q & A sessions, taught by industry expert, Anil Batra. The class meets live once weekly for six weeks. Advanced SQL picks up where SQL Fundamentals left off.  Advanced SQL for Marketers and Marketing Analyst course, you will learn advanced SQL syntax, create stored procedures and statistical functions that you can apply to various marketing and product development use cases, and you'll leave the class with enhanced, actionable tools. Adding Advanced SQL to your arsenal will immediately make you a better growth marketer, and give your resume a boost. 

By the end of this class, you will learn:

  • Grouping results in Top X and “other buckets”

  • Email Subject Line and open rate correlation (which can be applied to social media posts, call to action links on your site, etc.)

  • Month over month growth rate calculations of subscribers, purchasers, revenue, etc.

  • Customer Churn analysis

All Live Q & A sessions will be held 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST:

2/22   Intro Webinar and Video Class
2/24   Live Q & A Session
3/1     Video Class
3/3     Live Q & A
3/8     Video Class
3/10   Live Q & A
3/15   Video Class
3/17   Live Q & A
3/22   Video Class
3/24   Live Q & A
3/29   Video Class
3/31   Live Q & A


Session Description:

Each class will have coursework that will help you learn various aspects of Advanced SQL and the following use cases:

Session 1: Recap of Advanced SQL concepts. Introduction to CTE Query for better performance and readability. 

Session 2: Introduction to stored procedures, how to create and use them.

Session 3: Statistical Functions in SQL.

Session 4: Continuing with Statistical Functions.

Sessions 5 & 6: Bringing it all together for use cases outlined above.

Upon completion of the course, candidates/participants will receive:

  1. Certificate

  2. Digital Badge

  3. Evaluation

Class Dates and Times

To be announced

This class is taught by Anil Batra of Optizent Academy and after registration, will be hosted at

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