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Thank you for interest in joining the DAA, if you haven't already please review the membership types and benefits in detail before proceeding.

  • Professional: for individuals who are industry practitioners, vendors and consultants in the digital analytics industry. Annual membership dues are $199 per year.
  • Corporate: optimal for companies who would like to have five or more individuals receive full DAA membership benefits. Annual membership dues range from $3,000-$9,000 per year depending on annual company revenue.
  • Corporate & University Individual:  this membership category is only for current corporate and university members of the DAA. Please check the corporate members page or university members page to see if you are eligible for this type of membership. If your company is a current corporate member and you would like to join your company's roster please create your member account.
  • Academic: For full-time students or faculty. Individuals applying for this membership must register using your .edu email address.  You will be asked provide proof of full-time academic status and your account will be on hold until this proof is submitted.  The UBC Award of Achievement program is not a full-time academic program. Please note, if you make an online payment but do not qualify for academic membership and request a refund, there will be a $10 transaction fee deducted resulting in a refund amount of $29.  
  • University:  optimal for academic institutions who want to provide membership to students and faculty while gaining exposure for the institutions.  Annual membership dues range from $1,500-$3,000 per year based on the level chosen.
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Type: Individual Record
Description: Connect with peers online and at events. Share challenges, ideas, and best practices. Gain valuable industry knowledge. Learn from experts and industry leaders. As a Professional Member of the DAA, you can take advantage of many benefits designed to enhance your networking opportunities, career development and ongoing analytics education.  
Membership Cost: $199.00
Membership Length: 12 month(s)
Online Directory: 1 online directory category is included with the membership.
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