Awards for Excellence 2011: Recipients

Congratulations to the 2011 Recipients of the DAA Awards for Excellence! View pictures of the Spring Awards Gala.

Client/Practitioner of the Year (individual or group)
Joe Megibow, VP, Global Analytics and Optimization,

Joe MegibowJoe took a completely disorganized, silo-ed company and performed a feat of magic to tie together all the disparate data feeds into one, cohesive analytics masterwork. He then presented his approach to hundreds of Digital Analytics Association members at numerous conferences offering hope, humor and inspiration.

Most Influential Agency / Vendor (group)
Analysis Exchange

Simply put, this is exactly the apprenticeship model that this industry needed to continue to grow from multiple levels and the added benefit is that non-profit organizations get free help! A mentor, a student and a non-profit organization - everyone wins.

Most Influential Industry Contributor (individual)
Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist, Google

Avainash Kaushik"If you need a write-up about how influential Avinash has been, you are probably in the wrong Association.”

Web Analytics Rising Star (individual)
Michele Hinojosa, Director, Digital Analytics, Red Door Interactive

Michele HinojosaMichele popped-up in the #measure web analytics community just a few months ago and quickly became one of the leading voice. But don't get fooled, she's not a newbie, she's been at it since 2006 in various roles. With her outgoing and fun style, she is not afraid to challenge status quo, share her thoughts, and ask for help when she needs it.

In the past 12 months there are few people that have brought the level of enthusiasm and fun that Michele (Jojoba) has driven into the core of the web analytics industry. Our jobs are not always easy, fun or all that glamorous but Michele has continued to push others to see beyond these challenges and strive for more. Her efforts with the DAA in the membership committee and in making the career development group what it is today are impressive. Essentially out of nowhere, this displaced tweeting Aussie has sparked others to participate in an eMetrics "Photoshop War", Donate to "JasonInATutu" and all the while she has taken on two personalities - Michele Hinojosa & Jojoba. In an industry known for being about creating reports and trying to measure web sites, Michele has taken a different approach and it is starting to make big waves.

While Michele has been doing web analytics since 2006. At the D.C. eMetrics in 2010, Michele not only presented effectively on her work at Kelley Blue Book, but she was an incredibly prolific tweeter. She is consistently, actively, and valuably engaged with the #measure community -- sharing useful and engaging content. Michele is also super-willing to switch to private mode and swap direct messages and e-mails on specific topics -- contributing insightful perspectives on a range of analytics challenges. Michele is also active in the DAA (apparently!) -- working on the career development task force (or whatever it is called). Clearly, she has passion for the industry and is interested in helping it grow and grow effectively.

Innovator/Technology of the Year (individual or group)
Beyond Web Analytics Podcast

The Beyond Web Analytics podcast should pretty much say it all. They've had pretty much every top person in the industry as a guest and take the time to discuss the thinking, philosophy and application of web analytics in an easy to follow discussion format. Much has been gained from listening to the episodes and they have positively influenced plans and development in the WA arena.

The podcast is product agnostic which is also nice.

There are other sources out there but they tend to be focused on a particular product or service and presented by an evangelist. Beyond Web Analytics dispenses with the thinly veiled sales pitch and instead delivers what anyone who's interested in the overall subject of web analytics wants and needs: a presentation of concepts, ideas and strategies that goes beyond products and vendors.

This podcast represents a unique resources on the web. What's more, the nearly 40 episodes cover all aspects of web analytics from best practices to strategies to usually ignored subjects like WA career development and finding/retaining WA talent. It is doubtful there is any other online WA resource that spans the web analytics world as comprehensively as this podcast.

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