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Job Seekers: Your new job could be just a click away. The career center gives job seekers in the industry several great benefits.
  • List your resume anonymously
  • Get a free resume review & writing tips
  • Search job listings to find the perfect fit for your new career

Get started by creating your job seeker profile today. You can do so by signing up with your email, or by connecting to a social profile you already have through LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+.

You can post multiple resumes and cover letters to lead employers to you and even choose to make your career profile anonymous to keep your search private. Once your account is set up, you'll receive job alerts in your inbox when new positions matching your profile become available.

Employers: Post a job and start your search here for your newest team member. The career center gives you the ability to search a resume bank, which includes the ability to search by skills so you can find the right fit.

Get started by creating your employer profile today. You can do so by signing up with your email, or by connecting to a social profile you already have through LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+.

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Digital Analytics Industry Compensation Report

DAA has released the 2022 Digital Analytics Industry Compensation Report.  In April 2022 we surveyed members to gain more insights into the compensation and benefits unique to the digital analytics profession. Sponsored by InfoTrust, the survey measured compensation levels, identified typical benefits, and determined to what degree various factors drive your earnings and perceived value with employers, in the US and internationally. 

Diversity Scholarship

Digital Analytics Association is committed to eradicating racism by harnessing the passion of DAA members and data. We work within the analytics community and with adjacent groups that share our values to further diversity, inclusion, and equity within the analytics field. To reach out to a broader range of analytics leaders, DAA has worked with Meta to establish the DAA Diversity Scholarship program for diverse digital analytics leaders. The goals of the program are:

  • To provide individuals from identified under-represented groups in analytics (i.e., people of color, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender people, and people who are differently enabled) with opportunities for education, certification, career growth, and leadership development.
  • To provide the analytics community with increased access to a diverse pool of talented analytics leaders.
Applications are being accepted between June 1 and Aug 1 for the 2023 cohort of DAA Diversity Scholars. 

Job Descriptions

DAA is proud to make the industry-first Digital Analyst Job Descriptions available for anyone interested in career development and talent acquisition in the digital analytics space. The Job Descriptions are based on real data from members and digital analytics professionals.

We’re taking the guesswork out of hiring by giving hiring managers the information they need to hire, and analysts the information they need to gauge the expertise and experience required at each level. This resource includes 15 job descriptions across all organizational levels, skills and education requirements, career paths, and a copy of the Digital Analyst Competency Framework.


Digital Analyst Self-Assessment

The Digital Analyst Self-Assessment is the ultimate professional development resource for digital analysts. Intuitive and easy to use, the self-assessment asks you to rate yourself against the key defined competencies of successful digital analysts. Once completed, you can see how you measure up in the job market in your current role and for job roles to which you aspire.

The DAA Mentoring Program founded by WiA

If you are a professional in the digital analytics industry committed to growing as an analyst and advancing your career, you are a perfect fit to enroll in the DAA Mentoring Program.

The DAA Mentoring Program is open to all DAA members who wish to strengthen their skills and competencies in the thriving analytics profession. We invite all interested members to participate as mentees and mentors. Is there an area in which you excel and another area where you may need help? You can sign up as both a mentee and a mentor at the same time!

Mentors will guide analysts and digital marketers who are ready to take on the next stage of their careers. 

Learn more and enroll in the program today!

Contact with questions.

DAA's Career Guide for Digital Analysts

Compiled from the insight of a representative sample of industry perspectives (client, vendor, agency, and consulting side), the DAA's Career Guide for Digital Analysts is an overview of careers in the digital measurement industry, including:

  • The types of companies analysts can work for;
  • Typical hierarchy and responsibilities for each role;
  • Educational and skill set requirements, including the importance of emerging skill sets; and
  • Advice for those looking to break into the field, be promoted or find new opportunities.


Download the DAA Career Guide


Digital Analyst Competency Framework Study - Executive Report

The DAA is committed to understanding the ongoing evolution of the components of a digital analyst's job. In pursuit of this commitment, DAA conducted an industry job task analysis in 2022. The purpose of this study was to identify the most important competencies required of today's digital analysts. Results of the survey have been used by DAA to further expand member benefits related to professional development such as its education programs and career development resources.

This study was conducted by digital analysts, both DAA members and non-members, representing various geographic regions and practice settings, as well as diverse professional experiences. They provided subject matter expertise throughout the job analysis process to ensure the technical accuracy and relevance of this study.

Top Candidate Playbook

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to become the top candidate who is hired? The Top Candidate Playbook is a 100+ page step-by-step guide and workbook, effective in helping you land a position where you have the opportunity to do work you love with people you enjoy working with. This resource helps you to identify the type of opportunity you want next and why, assess opportunities that have the greatest potential before you take the time to apply, gives tips to create a resume that opens doors to interviews and an interview preparation guide to help you land on top.

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