Maintenance / Renewal

To be eligible to renew your Certified Web Analyst™ certification, you need to accumulate 40 professional development units from the time of certification to the time of expiry.

About Professional Development Units (PDU)

  • 40 Professional Development Units (PDU) are required every 3 years to maintain certification.
  • Get the Professional Maintenance Guide [70kb .pdf] to view the types of activities that will count as PDU and the number of credits that apply to each activity.
  • A reminder will be emailed to you periodically to help you gauge the timing for accumulating PDU. Specific details about maintenance will be included in the reminder notices.
  • Approximately three months prior to the month your certificate will expire you will receive a reminder to maintain your certification.
  • To maintain certification, a CWA will email a competed list of earned PDU to the Certification Administrator, and pay the maintenance fee through the DAA online store.
  • PDUs cannot be carried over to the next 3-year timeframe or be transferred to another person.
  • Topics of submitted material may be similar over time, but the material must be unique.
  • The certification committee will consider other efforts to gain or impart knowledge on a case by case basis.
  • You will be notified if you are short of the requirement.
  • Any disputes should be addressed to the Certification Administrator
  • PDU submissions for the 3-year requirement will be accepted at the time of renewal. Questions about whether an item will be accepted as PDU may be sent anytime to the Certification Administrator.
“Providers of analytic learning opportunities may click here to submit a request for your resource to be pre-approved as a professional development option for CWA to apply toward certification maintenance.”

How to Complete Your Application for Certification Maintenance

Part I: Pay the appropriate fee.

On-time renewal rates (within 3 months of certificate expiry)
Members: $75US
Non-Members: $175US

Late renewal rates (From 3-6 months after the expiration date)
Member $100US
Non-Member $200US

Fully expired rates
Individuals who have not filed a certification maintenance application within 6 months of the certification expiration date may gain certification by paying the current fee and passing the certification exam again.

Part II: Submit the application for renewal to the Certification Administrator

Maintenance forms and a tracking sheet are provided to CWA by email prior to the maintenance date. (To request copies of the tracking sheet, please click here.)
CWA may click here to attach and send their completed maintenance tracking sheet by email.

Stay in Touch

In order to stay in touch with the DAA certification committee, send any email or address changes to the Certification Administrator.


Please contact the Certification Administrator for any questions relating to the maintenance of your certification.