Certification Board

The DAA Web Analyst Certification Program™ is governed by an independent certification board. The board is responsible for providing technical expertise and for setting the direction of the certification program. Responsibilities of the board include overseeing:

  • Standards by which the program will operate
  • Decisions related to granting, maintaining, renewing, and suspending certifications
  • Administration and scoring of examinations
  • Fee structure
  • Grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • Allocation of adequate program resources

To ensure appropriate stakeholder involvement, the certification board includes individuals representing the following groups:

  • Practitioners
  • Employers
  • Academia
  • Related associations


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Certification Board Members:

  • Chair: June Li and Steen Rasmussen
  • Liaison to the Board of Directors: John Lovett Ned Kumar
  • Examinations Committee Representative: Hugh Gage
  • Spencer Altman
  • Elizabeth Winston Brady
  • Jan Doorneweerd
  • Ned Kumar
  • Chico Pacheco
  • Lisa Seaman
  • Jing Suk

Examination Committee Members:

  • Chair: Hugh Gage
  • Feras Alhlou
  • Thomas Jacobsen
  • Robin Steffek
  • Susumu Teshima
  • Keefe Wong
  • Randy Zwitch

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