A local chapter is an extension of DAA and now it's right in your home town. Think of it as an educational branch office of the association.

Because chapters are actually part of DAA - not separate organizations - local organizers can avoid the hassle of incorporating, getting an IRS determination as non-profit, filing taxes (even if a non-profit does not pay taxes it still has to file a return) and other government reports. Being involved in a local DAA Chapter is a perfect way for members to enhance their career by:

  • Developing skills you can use in your professional life
  • Becoming more involved in the local community
  • Networking with other digital measurement professionals
  • Furthering your own career while helping others to the same, and
  • Encouraging knowledge-sharing through educational programs

Below is a listing of the current Chapters available to DAA members.  Members must be logged in first, and then may join a chapter by registering on the My Committees page for the chapter they are interested in. 

We look for a minimum amount of DAA members and non-member contacts in any potential Chapter city in order to ensure its success. If you are interested in starting a local Chapter, please contact the membership office to see if your city meets this threshold. 


Chapter Officers:

  • Mark Redfern, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions
  • Rhonda Jones, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
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Chapter Officers:

  • Ana Cardenas, Apple
  • Nishchay Mathur, Course5 Intelligence
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Chapter Officers:

  • Tapan Patel, Digit XL
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Chapter Officers:

  • Adam Ribaudo, Velir
  • Lu Wang, Komodo Technologies
  • Alex Langshur, dentsu international


Chapter Officers:

  • Ella Nguyen, HashiCorp
  • Dan Vivaldelli, InfoTrust, LLC
  • Barbara Kalicki, Publicis Sapient
  • Braden Carlson, Accenture


Chapter Officers:

  • Keefe Wong, Verizon
  • Anne W Farmer, Search Discovery
  • Darrel Pyle, IBM

Washington, DC

Chapter Officers: 

  • Dylan Rose, PBS
  • Emily Patterson, Bee Measure
  • Marissa Goldsmith, Goldsmith Interactive


Chapter Officers:

  • Bryan Andrejko, AirDNA
  • Leo Chen, Your Data Mom
  • Jana Pedersen, Rapyd

New York City

Chapter Officers:

  • Hannah Hutchison, Mindshare
  • Janelle Olmer, Acronym
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Chapter Officers:

  • Bruce Segal, Vanguard
  • Danny Laws, DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC
  • Nikki Maloney-Ballard, Hero Digital


Chapter Officers:

  • Haroon Abbu, Bell & Howell
  • Pratik Desai, Synchrony
  • Tusharadri Mukherjee, Lenovo

Salt Lake City

Chapter Officers:

  • Heather Aeder Zuleba, Partnerize
  • Craig Scribner, Provo City School District
  • Eric Hansen, Western Governors University

San Francisco

Chapter Officers:

  • Krista Seiden, KS Digital, LLC
  • Brian Brooks, Adobe
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Chapter Officers:

  • Kajoli Tankha, Microsoft
  • Peter Symuleski, NBCUniversal
  • Tapabrata Bhattacharya, Course5 Intelligence


Chapter Officers:

  • Himani Bhagi, Accenture
  • Amish Dargan, Dufry Group
  • Jose Davila, Shopify
  • James Standen, nModal Inc.


Chapter Officers:

  • Damon Gudaitis, Caret Juice Marketing
  • Richard Pearce, Carter Auto Group
  • Elena Surcheva, Mogo, Inc.