Competency Framework

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The Digital Analyst Competency Framework is the first-of-its-kind industry reference.
The Competency Framework defines the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to succeed in digital analytics. It spans three experience levels (Entry-Level, Mid-Level, and Senior) across two professional tracks (Analytical and Technical). The Competency Framework can be used by digital analysts, their employers, HR professionals, and educators. Want to learn more? See our FAQs.

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How is it Useful to Me?

The Competency Framework is designed to benefit professionals, organizations, and the industry as a whole.
  • Professionals: Identify your competencies and plan your career path.
  • Organizations: Assess applicants against a standardized set of competencies.
  • Industry: Establish consistency across all titles and positions in multiple sectors of the industry
  • Academic Institutions: Prepare students to enter the field
"The Competency Framework sets a standard, if you will, of capabilities for the digital analytics industry. It's really helped me explain what I need to my manager, and it's given credibility for what I think I need because I have something to back me up. It's really helping me design the structure of the team over time. Now that I have a bit of a head count to play with, I can configure the team for the skills I need now and those that I can train my people to do going forward."
- Elena Surcheva, DAA Member

Related Resources

The Digital Analyst Competency Framework supports DAA's mission to provide lifelong professional learning to members. It is a component of an ongoing Professional Development Initiative by DAA that includes the following resources: 
  • Self-Assessment: Helps digital analysts explore career roles they desire, discover the skills they need to function effectively in each role, and identify the resources available to build those skills.
  • Job Descriptions: Provides 15 job descriptions across four levels of the profession, from entry-level to executive, enabling digital analysts and hiring managers, to define job roles and identify options for career paths.

"Publishing the Competency Framework marks an important stage of maturity in our field's evolution, following the past decade of transformation, and it is only the first in an exciting series of DAA products that will enrich analytics practice."
- Jim Sterne, DAA Co-Founder, Former Chair of the Board, and Director Emeritus

The Competency Framework and DAA

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Important Legal Notice

The Digital Analyst Competency Framework has been made available to support you or individuals you work with through DAA and careers in digital analytics. All intellectual property rights in the Competency Framework (including copyright) are owned by the Digital Analytics Association. By using the Competency Framework, you agree to the DAA Legal & Copyright information policy, and you also expressly agree that you will not deal with the Competency Framework in any way apart from the permitted purposes. In particular, you will not:
  • Reproduce or incorporate the whole or any part of the Competency Framework in any work produced or authorized by you; or
  • Represent that the Competency Framework or any part of it was created by or is offered to the public by you.

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