Our Commitment and Goals

The DAA's commitment to anti-racism and our goals

The Digital Analytics Association is committed to eradicating racism by harnessing the passion of DAA members. We use data and the strength of our community to create short- and long-term solutions. We work both within the analytics community and with adjacent groups such as primary, secondary, and university academic institutions to develop diversity, inclusion, and equity within the analytics field. We are a volunteer-led organization, and the strength of our efforts comes from the willingness of our members to share in this sobering yet uplifting work. 

We invite you to join us in the cause of improving lives by eliminating systemic racism in the analytics community and beyond.  

David McBride, DAA President


Our Commitments

DAA is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity within the analytics industry and beyond. We will leverage our communities expertise in data to drive conversation and action against racism and inequity. To further our goals we:

The Work Ahead

  • Create a self-awareness journey to provide resources and tools for self-examination of personal biases.
  • Develop a DEI toolkit to help organizations build a more inclusive environment. 

Board Liaisons and Anti-Racism Task Force Co-Chairs

Mary and Charles are committed to using data and the strength of the analytics community to eradicate systemic racism. They are supported by numerous DAA members who are equally passionate about this life-changing work.  

Mary Owusu
Founder / Head of SEO & Analytics, GuruBound; Assistant Professor of Marketing, Canisius College; DAA board member

Charles Davis
VP, Solutions, Blast Analytics & Marketing; DAA board member


We could use your help.

  • Join an anti-racism workgroup: Contact DAA Membership to join any of the workgroups - members & non-members are welcome! 
  • Add to the suggestion box or anti-racism resources: Submit your ideas to the workgroups or share resources to be posted on the DAA website. 
  • Get in touch with us: Contact DAA Membership for all other inquiries, e.g., from interested organizations, partners, etc. 


Spread the word and show your support

I stand with Digital Analytics Association. Eliminate racism from analytics.

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