DAA Analytics Academy by Sparkline

DAA Analtyics Academy by Sparkline

DAA, in their strategic partnership with Sparkline, offers a 12-module series in Digital Analytics called the DAA Analytics Academy by Sparkline. Upon completion of the Academy you will earn a certificate as a 21st Century Digital Analyst, and will receive a digital badge to post with your social media profile (and in the DAA Community if you are a DAA member).

What is the DAA Analytics Academy by Sparkline?


A self-paced, online learning program, developed and based on the DAA Competency Model for Digital Analytics consisting of the following modules:

12 Modules

  • Module 1: The Role of the Analyst
  • Module 2: Arming the Analyst for Success
  • Module 3: The Digital Marketing Landscape
  • Module 4: Digital Measurement Frameworks
  • Module 5: Data Gathering
  • Module 6: Tag Management
  • Module 7: Google Analytics
  • Module 8: Adobe Analytics
  • Module 9: Analytics to Insights
  • Module 10: Digital Media Measurement
  • Module 11: Personalization & Training
  • Module 12: Visualization and Storytelling


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This is a 101 of what it means to be an analyst and centers around the Marketing Technology landscape. They support the users to become business ready within 20 hours of e-learning. There is required work and exercises throughout the program, which are designed to enable the user to test learning at the end of each core module. Peer and Coach options exist to allow users to invite their managers to the program, to allow them to track their performance and the peer feature allows for colleagues to proceed through the program together.

Program Logistics: Each module will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete; the total course time is estimated to be 20 hours of coursework, exercises, and quizzes. You have 3-months to complete the program once enrolled.

Other program features include:

  • Self-Paced
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Flexibly Learning
  • Micro-Content
  • Actionable Lessons – Practical Skills applied immediately

Who is the DAA Analytics Academy by Sparkline for?

This coursework is for those new to the profession of Digital Analytics, those who want to take their career to the next level, or those in need of re-training and learning new skills for transitioning from one career to another.

This introductory program was created by analysts for analysts to help businesses train and retrain analytics capabilities. The DAA Analytics Academy by Sparkline will help you cut through the complexity of the digital landscape and create a path towards kickstarting your analytics journey!

The DAA Analytics Academy by Sparkline will enable the user to gain a solid understanding of what it means to be a Digital Analyst. It has been designed based on the competency framework that was originally designed by DAA.

Who is Sparkline?

  • Sparkline's founder has over 20 years' experience in analytics in Asia
  • Over 16 of those years within the industry as Digital & conversion specialists
  • They work with some of the biggest local and global businesses in market
  • Their clients flourish in the ability to make business decisions based on the data available them
  • They support customers at all levels (technical (IT teams), Marketing (includes digital/offline), and Product (digital assets, SKUs)

Why should I enroll in the DAA Analytics Academy by Sparkline?

"By 2020 more than 75% of the world's businesses will be digital. Businesses today struggle to find the right talent, tools, and strategies to harness their data and make it useful."

Most businesses these days are struggling to hire qualified analysts. The talent gap and shortfall of analytics capabilities globally is well documented. This is why the DAA Analytics Academy is the right move for yourself or your employees.

What is my investment in this program?

  • DAA Analytics Academy by Sparkline pricing (DAA Members): $999 50% OFF through 2/28/2021 (Use discount code: 21CENADAA_50 )
  • DAA Analytics Academy by Sparkline pricing (Non-Members): $1,299
  • Individual Module pricing (DAA Members): $199 50% OFF through 2/28/2021 (Use discount code: 21CENMOD_50 )
  • Individual Module pricing (Non-Members): $299

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What do I get upon completion of the DAA Analytics Academy by Sparkline?

  1. Certificate – "21st Century Digital Analyst"
  2. Digital Badge to share on social media (LinkedIn), signature line within your email, and other avenues.
  3. Prestige within the industry that you have successfully completed and achieved this certificate.

This is just to name a few!

How do I get started today?

Take your career to the next level and earn your certificate as a 21st Century Digital Analyst today! Have any questions? Contact DAA Education Manager, Adrienne Segundo.

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