FAQ: Digital Analytics Association Closure


  1. When is DAA closing? DAA’s planned closure date is May 1, 2024. We are no longer accepting new members.
  2. Why is DAA closing? We have seen decreased community engagement with DAA over the past few years and, in turn, decreased funding. DAA is no longer financially viable.
  3. Where can I read the announcement about DAA’s closure? It’s on the DAA website here.
  4. What options did DAA consider before reaching the decision to close? DAA’s Board of Directors consistently cut operational costs and sought new ways to generate revenue. As of early Jan 2024, we are exploring a membership home for current DAA members that will allow the continued development of the digital analytics community. We are also speaking with related organizations to find a repository for our content that will allow continued access. If successful, we will inform DAA’s members.
  5. How was the decision to close made? DAA’s Board of Directors arrived at this decision via a board vote, after close inspection of the financials and evaluation of available options.
  6. As a DAA member, can I keep running my local chapter? No. Once DAA closes, all local chapters will cease to exist. You may still plan and execute your own local events, but you may not use the DAA brand. If you’d like to attend local events hosted by others, we recommend the MeasureCamp series.
  7. What is the status of the Certifications and Awards granted to me by DAA? They remain yours. Your Certifications (Certified Web Analyst and Short Course Certificates) and Awards (e.g. Quanties) are valid from the date you earned them and remain an important part of your professional achievements.
  8. What if I still have questions? Please reach out using this contact form.