DAA Official Announcement

Matteson, IL. – January 8, 2024

The DAA Board of Directors announced today that DAA is winding down operations, with a planned closure date of May 1, 2024. Effective immediately, we are no longer accepting new members. Between now and our closure date we will focus on honoring commitments made to existing sponsors and business partners.

You might ask “Why?” and “Why now?” We have seen decreased community engagement with DAA over the past few years, and, in turn, decreased funding, so we must close. The longer story involves the evolution of our industry:

  • Twenty years ago, the Web Analytics Association was created to raise awareness of the new dataset that described customers interacting with web sites.
  • Ten years ago, our scope expanded to include other datasets such as mobile, social, email, and search, and so we rebranded as the Digital Analytics Association.
  • Today, we have successfully socialized analytics to the point where it does not require an explanation. It is ingrained.
With this sea change, there is less of a need to evangelize digital analytics, and the DAA is no longer financially viable.

Thank you for your commitment to the DAA. We, the DAA Board, are grateful for the energy that you have invested in this community. Your dedication has made it possible for individuals to build new skills and make lasting connections with one another. Together, we have defined and advanced the practice of digital analytics.

Here’s an FAQ with additional details, including that we are actively working with other industry organizations to provide continued membership benefits to current DAA members and continued access to DAA content. If you still have questions, please reach out using this contact form.

Respectfully, Charles Davis, DAA Board Chair, and Mary Owusu, DAA Board President

On behalf of the DAA Board of Directors: Charles Davis, Mary Owusu, Kevin Hartman, Sara Hoffman, Joe Miscavige, Hannah Alexander, Juan Damia, June Dershewitz, Sharon Flynn, Enrique Gonzales, Lynn Lanphier, David McBride, Hailey Meekins, and Nate Smith.