Data Visualization Seminar

Techniques To Create Impactful Analytics Presentations

Let's face it, for our audiences, most data analytics presentations are boring, artificial, mind numbing and ineffective!

Sure, everyone's doing it! But no one knows just how bad their presentation slides really are! Admit it; they stink! But yours don't have to!

This seminar will guide you through key techniques and exercises that are sure to enhance your next presentation.

You'll learn the pitfalls of poor data analytics presentations and how to avoid them; the best charts for various types of data, advanced charting techniques you won't find in Excel or PowerPoint including sparklines, slope graphs, small multiples, and dot plot; and hidden secrets of PowerPoint and Excel every data analyst must know!

Whether you're an entry-level analyst or a seasoned professional, this seminar will give you the hidden secrets you need to become the presenter people remember.

The most compelling analytics data is often lost in boring presentations. This thorough half-day seminar gives you everything you need to create the most engaging and memorable data stories using PowerPoint and Excel. From how to tailor your data to your audience to how to maximize the impact of your PowerPoint design. You’ll discover the key features of an unforgettable visual story. You’ll learn to apply evidence-based techniques for maximizing the absorption of information, essential design skills for transforming your slides into effective visual aids, and how to save time with little-known PowerPoint tools and shortcuts for those 11th-hour presentation requests.

Attendees will also leave with a keen understanding of effective chart design practices and ideas for visualizing their unique data. You’ll learn how to find insights in your data and how to align them with the needs of your audience. You’ll walk away with best practices in data visualization that you can implement immediately on the job! Participants may also submit an example of work that can be used as a live exercise for improvement.

By the end of this seminar, you'll be able to:
  1. Identify the pitfalls of poor data analytics presentations and how to avoid them.
  2. Apply basic visual design principles to presentations that allow the key message to have a lasting impact.
  3. Save hours of time formatting presentation slides by mastering the PowerPoint master template.
  4. Detox charts of common clutter and apply data visualization best practices for different types of analytics data.
  5. How and when to apply advanced charting techniques you won't find in Excel or PowerPoint including sparklines, slope graphs, small multiples and dot plots.

Target Audience

All levels, from novice to expert analyst, who present data using PowerPoint.

Instructional Delivery Methods:

  • Lecture/Presentation
  • Lecture with Discussion
  • Demonstration
  • Live exercises

Job Aids/Resources/Participant “Take-aways”: Cheat sheets for basic design principles and keyboard shortcuts, a decision-making guide for various chart types, and a pre-designed PowerPoint master template with chart and design style guide.


"Our team is in transition, with new reports and trying new ways to show off our insights. This will be a huge help to set ourselves apart!"

"Excellent presenter - very clear and easy to follow. I knew some of the learnings already, but it was still very helpful to have them reinforced. And a few were new to me!"

"It reminded me of the important tips that sometimes get lost when working with various stakeholders. It was great to see another fan of Stephen Few demonstrate a practical application."

"I was wondering if we would be "sold to" and we weren't - this was very enjoyable, objective and useful information today. Thank you!"