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The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) announces a new Chapter in Denver!

Digital Analytics is growing and so is the DAA.

Join us for the inaugural meeting of the DAA's Denver Chapter, July 14, 2016

Come hear about where Analytics is heading and join us on the journey to establish Denver as a major player in the new era of Analytics! Learn more about DAA in Denver as we get the chapter started with Marilee Yorchak, Greg Ahern, and Steve Riegel.

Date: July 14, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM  MDT - 8:00 PM  MDT

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Location: Merkle Denver, 1050 17th St.  Ste. 2100, Denver 80265

Program: May you live in interesting times; The age of analytics and the transformation of American business thinking.

DAA Speaker Denver Inaugural Chapter Meeting Don DrewsSpeaker: Don Drews
Adjunct Marketing Instructor, Loyola University of Chicago
Founder and President, Courageous Marketing

The ways that consumers learn about, gather information, and shop for products has changed dramatically in the last 15 years, and that change is continuing.  Marketers can no longer make us listen to their messages, and manufacturers can no longer say, “This is what we make.  Take it or leave it.” Forced to listen to consumers, and to wait to be invited into the shopping process, businesses must observe and infer customer preferences through analytics.  This shift in thinking is wrenching, and the current analytics capabilities do not yet live up to the promise.  Which is why this is such an exciting moment to be in the field! 

In this conversation, we will understand why the powerful forces of consumer change are so unsettling to traditional business thinking, and take note of where current analytics practices are on the journey to giving us a rich, accurate, personalized view of our consumers.

About the Speaker:  Don Drews is the President and Founder of Courageous Marketing.  He has been active in Chicago’s Digital Analytics community for almost ten years, with particular interests in integrating analytics across the marketing ecosystem and corporate analytics leadership.  Described as a renaissance marketer, Don has held senior marketing and sales management positions in consumer products, services, and manufacturing companies.  He is an adjunct marketing instructor at Loyola University, and he serves as a marketing advisor to several nonprofits.  Don received his MBA from the University of Southern California.
Win a Copy of Jim Sterne's Book:

We will be giving away a signed copy of Jim Sterne's fun book about data: The Devil's Data Dictionary.

The Devil's Data Dictionary by Jim Sterne



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