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Digital Exchange - Did you miss it?

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DAA's Digital Exchange (formerly known as Virtual Symposium) includes the same high-quality speakers offered at our in-person events, and provides attendees with actionable insights to be implemented immediately. 

Keynote: Data as a Force for Good by Brett Hurt, CEO and co-founder of

Members of the Digital Analytics community believe in the power of data to make a difference. We use data to sell more jeans, to convince people to watch more videos, and more. We use data to create value for customers and shareholders. We use data to put bread on the table.

But is that all? Can data be a force for good in the world on a broad scale? Brett Hurt, CEO and co-founder of believes that it can. That's why he organized his company as a B-corp and as a Public Benefit Corporation. That's why he created a platform for CDOs, journalists, analysts, engineers and data stewards to use data to make a difference.

In his Digital Exchange keynote address, Brett talked about how data can be used to improve the world. Whether related to COVID, climate change, social change or other causes, data has great potential energy, just waiting for you to harness and put it in motion. Come find out how!

Featured Speaker Sessions

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Watch the Recordings