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Morning Sessions  

*All Times are Pacific Time
*9:00 am
Keynote: Converted - The Data-Driven Way to Win Customers' Hearts 
Under pressure for quick results and fierce market competition, too many marketers are boxed into spaghetti-to-the-wall digital marketing that limits the return on their long hours, countless experiments, and data warehouses. We'll discuss more about how a real person stands on the other side of every transaction, helping you win the hearts of the customers who matter most to your business while leaving your competitors to battle over everyone else.

The morning sessions are facilitated discussions to share our experiences, expertise, and perspectives on the topic. This will be knowledge that is collectively produced by the community.

10:00 am 11:00 am
+ Track A - Emerging Professionals
How Do You Balance Automation With Analysis?
Lindsey Peters, Manager Decision Science, Evolytics
Data is constantly being collected and businesses are looking towards their data for insights and answers. As an analyst, how do you find the right balance between automation and analysis?
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Where are my cookies?
Manan Patel, Director of Digital Insights & Activation, Simplii Financial
In the name of consumer privacy, major players such as Google and Apple are phasing out third-party cookies and mobile advertising IDs. These identifiers have been long used to help thousands of organizations power their personalization efforts. How can you prepare?
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+ Track B - Established Professionals
Tiktok: Can You Measure the Effects of the Tribe?
Kenya Davis, Senior Data Analytics & Planning Program Manager, Microsoft
As we reemerge from the weight of COVID on the world, we carry the pressure to keep up with and understand the new-age trends that shook us in our isolated social lives.
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How High Can I Make My Boss Jump?
Astha Saxena, Project Lead, Evolytics
You already know the importance of building strong relationships with your peers, but do you remember to look up as you climb the career ladder?
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+ Track C - Thought Leadership
Can I Measure My Headspace?
Naoshi Yamauchi, Executive Consultant & Advisor, DURMC
People are losing their sh*t and barely holding it together. Mental health issues are now the new norm in companies across all levels, impacting productivity.
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How Do We Formulate a Meaningful Response?
Kimberly Mosley, Executive Director, DAA
<blank> is not just a hashtag. 2020 brought a pandemic and social unrest that demands a new level of social consciousness from leaders. Are you ready?
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Afternoon Sessions

*All times are Pacific Time
*12:00 pm
Lunch Break

The afternoon sessions are presentations

1:00 pm 2:00 pm
+ Track A - Emerging/Established Professionals
From Zero to Hero: Your Path to Career Success – Anil Batra
The Digital Analytics landscape is changing every day. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with all the information and the various choices.
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What Employers Look For When Hiring in Digital Analytics – Jenni Kavanagh
From resumés and interviews to your professional development, Jenni will be sharing her key tips and advice for those looking to take the next step in their Digital Analytics careers.
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+ Track C - Thought Leadership
Navigating & Managing During Unprecedented Times – Shawn Davis
A conversation about managing during an unprecedented time of change, from remote work; to hybrid, and through the lens of recruiting and engagement.
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Building and Retaining the Right Digital Analytics Team – Joshua Poore
With top Digital Analytics talent harder to find and keep than ever before, Josh will be discussing the current recruitment landscape.
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