Hardship Dues Waiver Program

The hardship dues waiver program is intended to help professional members by aiding analysts whose financial circumstances are such that full payment of membership dues would pose a financial hardship. You can apply for up to a 6-month deferral and explain your hardship for committee review. There are a limited number of hardship waivers offered annually.

Situations that might merit a dues waiver include:

  • Unemployment or income constraints
  • Time out from work for family or health reasons
  • Reduced income based upon an extraordinary activity or business loss
Dues waiver criteria:
  • Applicants must have been a member of DAA for 2 consecutive years prior to requesting a dues deferral.
  • Applicants may receive dues waivers for no more than one (1) annually, and no more than three (3) total years over the course of their DAA membership.
  • Not applicable to academic or group (Corporate/University) memberships.
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