DAA Board of Directors Election Process

Help Shape the Future of Digital Analytics

We invite your participation in order for DAA to represent you and our industry effectively. The DAA actively seeks passionate and capable professionals to serve on the Board of directors. Our mission is to advance the use of data to understand and improve the digital world.

Several Board positions are filled by election each year. The DAA is committed to eradicating racism and strives to develop diversity, inclusion, and equity within the analytics field and the organization's leadership. The strength of our efforts comes from the willingness of our members to share in this pursuit. This section describes the details of the nomination and voting process.

1.1. Administration

The Nominating Committee will determine the criteria for eligibility to apply for a Board position. Any member in good standing (see eligibility in section 1.2) who is interested in serving on the Board will have the opportunity to apply to serve. The Nominating Committee reviews the submissions and selects the candidates to be presented to the members for voting. No one on the Nominating Committee will be up for election, and the Nominating Committee undertakes its activity independently from the Board. To maintain impartiality, no members will have access to the voting during or after the election, and no member will be involved in tabulating the results. 

1.2 Eligibility

Requirements for Nominees:

  • Paid member of the DAA.
  • Four years of industry experience as a practitioner, consultant, vendor, or educator in digital analytics
  • Ability to provide strategic direction relative to the expansion of the association into the digital analytics industry
  • Significant senior management experience from large enterprises and with previous board experience.
  • Ability to exemplify leadership qualities by teaching, presenting, writing, or dedicating volunteer time to benefit the members and the digital/web marketing and analytics industries.
  • Have a minimum of one year of DAA volunteer experience either on a DAA chapter, committee, or task force or working on behalf of DAA on an approved activity.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to commit up to 12 hours per month to activities related to their role on the Board
  • Ability to attend ten 90-minute virtual meetings per year. Ability to attend one two-day, in-person meeting annually when in-person meetings are an option. The DAA does not reimburse for hotel and airfare for in-person meetings.

Requirements for Current Directors Seeking Re-election:

  • All requirements listed above plus
  • A history of constructive contributions to the DAA and the industry to date. Directors seeking re-election may be asked to publish their contributions for member review.

1.3 Nominations

There are six open seats. During the nomination period, members can apply themselves or nominate a colleague for election. Upon receiving a nomination, the DAA will contact the nominee to alert them to the nomination and encourage them to apply. All applications must include the required documentation (see section 1.5). Nominations and applications will be accepted from February 22, 2022, through 11:59 PM ET on Monday, March 7, 2022. 

1.4 Submitting an Application for the Board

All applicants must complete the submission form in full. Also, please read and understand the DAA Statement of Principles, Duality of Interest, and the Roles and Responsibilities to complete a submission. Please contact the Executive Director with any questions concerning the submission form or documents.

It is essential that you read and understand the above-noted documents as the submission form requires your agreement to these documents. All nominees must complete the submission form by 11:59 PM ET on March 7, 2022, to be included as an applicant.

1.5 Posting of Candidates and Qualifications

DAA will post the list of applicants and the supporting background material provided to the DAA website. This information will be available to all DAA members for review and consideration for voting. The supporting material supplied as a part of the application, along with demonstrated participation and leadership in DAA, is expected to be sufficient information about the candidate's qualifications to make a voting decision.

You should not use DAA email lists to announce or solicit support for your election. Questions or clarifications on the process should be directed to the Executive Director.

1.6 Voting Period

Voting will open on April 4, 2022. Voting will close on April 18, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET.

1.7 Voting Members

The DAA maintains the database of voting members. Voting members of the DAA include individual members, University members, and Corporate members. Corporate/University members may cast up to 20 votes, and the organization's primary determines who the voting individuals will be. Please reach out to the membership team to determine if you are a voting member.

1.8 Ballots

A link to an electronic ballot will be sent via email to all voting members at the start of the voting period. All votes cast will remain confidential. DAA will send a reminder email at the beginning of the second week of the voting period and twenty-four hours before the close of the voting period. Members must cast votes before the close of the voting period. If a confirmation reply is not received, the ballot should be re-sent to the Executive Director to ensure that the vote is received and counted.

The election process will include both a Slate and At-large candidates.

  • The ballot sent to members will include a Slate of candidates. The Slate is a group of candidates voted on as a block. Members can either vote for the Slate or against the group by abstaining from voting for the Slate. In the event of the Slate not receiving sufficient votes to be elected, a new election will be scheduled. 
  • There will also be At-Large seats. Members can vote for any of the individual At-large positions. For the "At-large" position(s), DAA will elect the candidates with the highest number of votes per election guidelines.

1.9 Result Posting and Notification

After the close of voting, the Executive Director will deliver the election results to the Board Chair and the President. The Executive Director will contact those candidates who have been elected. DAA will not publish details of vote counts or the order of the other candidates.

Candidates who have been elected and accepted will be announced to the membership. Those selected will officially take office at the Board Meeting on June 23, 2022. The DAA President and Executive Director or delegated individuals will hold an 'orientation' conference call or meeting to discuss the current board processes, meeting schedules, and activities and will subscribe the new directors to the appropriate mailing lists.

1.10 Nominating Committee

The Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee, which shall recommend to the Members (or to the Board of Directors in the case of a vacancy to be filled by the Board of Directors) nominees for election to the Board of Directors.