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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

DAA Cookbook Webinar - Efficient Click Tracking Code (Javascript)

Start Date: 2/27/2018 10:00 AM EST
End Date: 2/27/2018 10:30 AM EST

United States 

Organization Name: Digital Analytics Association

DAA Staff
Email: info@digitalanalyticsassociation.org
Phone: 1.781.876.6269

Join Jayanth Kanala, Delivery Manager, and Arun Kumar P, Senior Implementation Consultant at Nabler for a 30 minute webinar on efficient click tracking code. Using Click Tracking, one can track all the navigation item clicks, downloading a document, filling a form, viewing a video, clicking on links & CTAs etc., in the form of events or virtual pageviews. This helps to understand and analyze the user interactions across various sections of the website. This recipe illustrates the efficient way of tracking clicks by employing industry wide best practices.

This recipe webinar will cover how to:
1. Accomplish tracking of visitor clicks on various navigation items, CTA buttons, viewing a video etc., in an efficient manner
2. Apply best practices while writing java script codes for efficient click tracking
We hope that you plan to join us for an overview of Jayanth and Arun's recipe followed by Q&A.

Speaker Profiles:

Arun Kumar P
(Senior Implementation Consultant)

He has 4.5 years of Industry experience with hands-on in Adobe and Google Analytics implementation using DTM/GTM/Tealium/signal TMS tools. Provides end to end solutions in Analytics starting from creation of technical specifications (SDR) to implementation & reporting.
Passionate towards identifying gaps in implementation and optimizing tracking.

Jayanth Kanala
(Delivery Manager)

A digital analytics professional with 9 years of experience.
Expert with a comprehensive understanding of Digital Analytics
concepts and tools.Driven towards understanding the client's business
and requirements, offering end to end digital analytics-based solutions
and lead analytics implementation.

This is a Member Only event. 

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