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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

DAA Webinar: Data Model Strategy – Align Your Analytics with Your Business, Not the Other Way Around

Start Date: 10/7/2020 11:30 AM EDT
End Date: 10/7/2020 12:30 PM EDT

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United States 

Organization Name: DAA

DAA Membership Team
Email: info@digitalanalyticsassociation.org
Phone: +1 781.876.8933

Digital interactions and the platforms that come with them have been in constant evolution over the last 20 years. This has encouraged professionals in digital to historically work in silos from the start, adding specialized tools encouraging that isolation. We now know, more than ever, that product and service marketing strategies need to be user-centric, and this also goes for our digital strategy and analytics. Maybe you are starting, or already supporting that transformation, facing challenges with tools, company organization, or even digital culture. You understand that this does not look easy. With this workshop, digital analytics experts will understand how the introduction of a data model strategy for their organization is key to make this turn. Each participant is promised to leave convinced and confidently equipped with the key tools and ideas to implement this strategy into their business, contributing to their very own digital analytics success story.

Upon Completion of this webinar you will:

  1. Have a clear understanding of the opportunities brought by a unified data model strategy
  2. Have the full capacity to build a unified data model for an organization
  3. Have all the tools and tactical advice needed to make that change possible within your business

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About the Speaker:

Experienced in digital project management and solutions, Declan Owens has been working in Digital Analytics for several years now and gained enough knowledge to be recognized as an expert by his peers.

Declan first started in traffic management in a digital communication agency mostly working on strategies for digital platforms to acquire quality traffic via SEO, online advertising, social networks, etc. Declan then decided to specialize in digital analytics by joining AT Internet, a leading vendor on the market. After becoming an expert on the Analytics Suite, while managing several large analytics projects internationally and leading teams of consultants, Declan has acquired a complete knowledge of how to answer business needs thanks to data. He permanently upholds a philosophy of sustainability in his counsel, going beyond the pure technical aspects of the job, reaching out further and solving problems on topics such as privacy or company management.

This event is sponsored by AT Internet.