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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Economist Impact | The Data Dividend - Boston

Start Date: 4/4/2023 2:00 PM EDT
End Date: 4/4/2023 6:00 PM EDT

Venue Name: TBD

Boston, MA  United States 

The data dividend:
harnessing the power of people, processes and technology to unlock value from data
Data has become abundant and ubiquitous with the proliferation of smartphones and the emergence of smart, connected devices. More data is generated each year than all the information produced since the advent of computers. What does this mean for the modern enterprise? How can this resource be collected, traded and used to generate major improvements in business performance, particularly as the global economy shudders? What lessons have organisations learned from operating amid the pandemic, and how are they being applied to build resilience against new and unforeseen shocks?
The benefits of harnessing data assets are numerous, from enhanced innovation and optimised value-chains to faster market penetration and more personalised customer relationships. But while businesses are keen to tap into this potential, they struggle to keep pace with the flow of information, the changing regulatory landscape and classical data governance issues around quality and complexity. Without the right people, tools and strategies, organisations risk being unable to put their data to use or turning the promise of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) into reality. 
Now in its second year, “The data dividend” series brings together leaders in government and industry to discuss how to establish the strategy, culture and skills needed to foster a data-driven enterprise and cultivate new ways of thinking and working. In 2023, we break new ground as we tour cities around the world and discuss how organisations can realise their data dreams.
Why Attend?
Join “The data dividend” in Boston MA, programmed by Economist Impact and supported by IBM, as we bring together policymakers and industry leaders to explore the following questions:
What is top of mind for data and analytics leaders in 2023? What key challenges are they facing? 
How is the regulation of data and AI evolving, and how will it affect your industry and organisation to bring new opportunities and challenges?
Can we trust decisions and recommendations made by AI? How can tech leaders mitigate risk, bias and harm?
How are data and analytics leaders providing measurable value to the business?
How can data and analytics leaders build relationships with internal stakeholders and business functions to promote data sharing, ownership and literacy?

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