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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Economist Impact | The C-suite Playbook

Start Date: 3/16/2023 6:00 PM EDT
End Date: 3/16/2023 8:15 PM EDT

Venue Name: TBD

Charlotte, NC  United States 

The roles of chief data officer (CDO) and chief analytics officer (CAO) have become central to achieving and unlocking competitive advantage from data. The applications of data and analytics are many, from enhancing customer experiences and optimising supply chains to detecting fraud and achieving operational efficiencies. As firms look to create data-driven cultures and gain actionable insights, CDOs and CAOs are being called on to lead cultural transformations and navigate the risks and benefits of harnessing data in a meaningful way throughout their organisations.
6:00 pm - Roundtable registration and networking drinks
6:30 pm - Opening remarks and welcome to roundtable discussion and dinner
6:35 pm - Roundtable discussion
The evolving role of the chief data or analytics officer
What skills are essential to being a successful CDO or CAO? 
How can CDOs and CAOs provide measurable value to their business and all its stakeholders? 
How can data and analytics leaders contribute to digital transformation across the enterprise? How can they empower the organisation with technology and align data strategies with the overall business?
What is top of mind for data and analytics leaders in 2022? What key challenges are they facing? 
Driving cultural change
What are the key characteristics of a successful data and analytics strategy?
How can data leaders cultivate an organisational culture that maximises the value of data? 
How can data and analytics leaders build relationships with people in other business functions to promote data sharing, ownership and literacy? 
How can data access be democratised to empower users and decision-makers?
What can data leaders do to build and manage creative teams? How can they recruit and retain talented data and analytics people? 
Sharing best practice: achieving success for your data and AI initiatives
What is needed to launch an AI project? How are organisations putting their data to work to achieve AI? 
Can AI outcomes be trusted? 
What are the main ways in which AI can fail? How can those failures be avoided? 
What new tools and techniques can help business leaders turbocharge and operationalise their data and AI programmes?
How can data leaders create benchmarks against which to measure success, and improve the maturity of their data and AI programmes? How can they connect those programmes to their businesses’ operating models to get a better view of capabilities and deficiencies
7:35 pm - Concluding remarks
7:40 pm - Dessert and networking
8:15 pm - Close of roundtable programme

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