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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Applied AI Live

Start Date: 6/29/2021 9:00 AM EDT
End Date: 6/30/2021 5:00 PM EDT

Venue Name: Online

Organization Name: AI, Data & Analytics Network

Ted-Michael Gregory
Email: ted.gregory@iqpc.com
Phone: (000) 000-0000

The AI opportunity is born out of the ability to compute the vast volumes of digital exhaust (data) being created. The data available that can help make business decisions has increased exponentially. Mining that information for value is only possible with a solution that can recognize patterns within the data. Artificial Intelligence is traditionally defined as systems performing tasks usually performed by humans. Most AI is theoretical or academic not applied. But in global corporate enterprise AI is about finding and leveraging insights outside and inside an organization to solve actual problems. In short Applied AI is using systems to make business decisions normally made by humans.