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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

DAA Webinar | The Conscious Critique: 6 Simple Steps to Giving Powerful Constructive Feedback

Start Date: 2/27/2019 12:30 PM EST
End Date: 2/27/2019 1:00 PM EST

Venue Name: Online

United States 

Organization Name: Digital Analytics Association

DAA Membership Team
Email: info@digitalanalyticsassociation.org
Phone: +1 781.876.8933

Giving and receiving feedback is integral to our roles as analysts and marketers. And yet, HOW we deliver that feedback can make or break communication, especially during live presentations. Your well-intentioned input can quickly degrade into destructive criticism without you even realizing it. 

Often, the rapport that’s built outside of the conference room can dramatically happen inside of the conference room on presentation day due to hidden cognitive biases. And with sites like WTFViz creating a public lynch mob mentality, kind and productive communication is needed more than ever in our corporate environments.

Using Lea's "Conscious Critique" method based in Non-Violent Communication, you’ll become a mindful member of your organization and the global data community.
You will learn: 
1. To understand the biggest pitfalls of so-called “constructive” criticism
2. The most important thing you can do to keep the peace when you’re asked for input
3. How to prevent hidden psychological principles and cognitive biases from working against you
4. Leveraging a simple 6-step method for delivering feedback that makes them WANT to use it

Speaker Bio:
Lea Pica teaches data storytelling to thousands of digital analysts and marketers, hosts the popular Present Beyond Measure®Show Podcast, and blogs at LeaPica.com. She is the creator of the PICA Protocol™, a practical prescription for delivering data stories that inform decisions, spark ideas, inspire action, and make YOU indispensable. 

 Lea is a seasoned digital analytics practitioner, social media marketer, and blogger with over 13 years of experience building search and analytics practices for companies like Scholastic, Victoria's Secret, and Prudential. 

 She has headlined conferences such as Digital Summit, Microsoft OneAnalyst, Digital Analytics Hub, SearchLove, ConversionXL Live, Domopalooza, Web Analytics Wednesday, and eMetrics.