DAA Executive Forum

Mission Statement:

Corporate members are a critical part of Digital Analytics Association and our mission to advance the use of data in the digital world through professional development and community.

To this end, DAA believes additional value for our Corporate Members will result from creating a forum for the primary contacts at each corporate member company, for interaction and discussion on topics of interest in our industry and to develop a strong community of peers.

Specifically, the DAA Executive Forum will:

  • Be a peer group of analytics leaders in their respective organizations, representing their organization’s Corporate Membership in DAA.
  • Focus on defining common challenges and topics of interest across the participants to create discussion and sharing of ideas and practices among the participants
  • Be a group of respected leaders that can advise DAA on suggested initiatives that will benefit their organizations and the broader DAA membership, and contribute to the overall DAA value proposition.

General Guidelines for Participation

  • Each corporate member company should select one participant (ideally the primary contact for the DAA membership). However, if more than one primary is listed on the corporate membership, we encourage others to join the Forum calls.
  • DAA Executive Forum will be chaired by one DAA national board member, and will be supported by DAA Executive Director and staff.
  • DAA will host an Executive Forum call three times per year. Invitations will be sent out by DAA a minimum of 3 weeks prior. The calls will be one hour in duration.
  • Each call will have a specific industry focus, and the topics will be determined in advance by the collective thoughts of the Forum. The chair will bring some recent research or thought-provoking industry articles/blogs as a starting point for discussion, and will facilitate the discussion.
  • An ideal outcome would be for the conversation to be valuable to participants and their organizations AFTER the call, by sharing notes from the call in the Executive Forum Community (hosted on the DAA Community Forum) and possibly even producing a white paper or blog.


The DAA Executive Forum Special Interest Group will be meeting three times throughout the year on conference calls.


All corporate member primary representatives are invited to participate on Executive Forum calls. Participation in the SIG is for Corporate Members of DAA only. If you are interested in learning more or participating in the SIG, please contact your corporate primary representative. If you’re interested in corporate membership, reach out to membership.