FAQ Corporate Member Gifting Packages

Why does this benefit my company?

  • A DAA membership makes a great gift to clients to show your appreciation for their ongoing business with your company – a nice retention tool.
  • You can show your interest in helping them grow their knowledge in analytics, which in turn helps you in the buy-in needed for additional work.
  • You can showcase great work done by your corporate members, such as recipes and webinars, for thought leadership and branding purposes which otherwise lives behind the DAA membership paywall.
  • It’s entirely online, so your clients don’t have to be in the area of a Chapter, Symposium or OneConference to benefit from the DAA Community.

How does it work?

  • You choose the number of memberships you want to purchase. DAA will invoice you.
  • Upon payment of the invoice, DAA will provide you with a unique discount code that you can provide to your clients; your client (or you) sign them up online using the code.
  • You and your clients have up to one year to use the code from the date it was originally set-up.
  • A membership term lasts one year from the date of their online sign-up.
  • You can also give the code to a current individual member for the purpose of renewal.

What is the package pricing discount?

  • 5+ individual memberships at a 5% discount for a total of $235 for each.
  • 15+ individual memberships at a 10% discount for a total of $225 each.
  • 25+ individual memberships at a 15% discount for a total of $210 each.
For example, if you purchase 10 memberships for your clients, you would receive the 5% discount for $2,350. If you purchase 18 memberships, you would receive the 10% discount.

What else does my client get that they couldn’t get by purchasing their own?

In addition to the membership discount, we are offering a one free short course of the member’s choosing with each purchased as an added incentive!

Ready to gift?

Let us know! Please contact Brooke Weldon or Marilee Yorchak if you are ready to purchase a package, or would like to learn more.