IBM Insights 1Q 2015


DAA members also receive exclusive additional insights into the Quarterly data. Insight is written by IBM specifically for DAA members to provide greater information and understanding on a portion of the Quarterly data. This quarter’s additional Insights:

New Visitor Conversion Rate

New visitor conversion rate measures the percentage of new visitor sessions that resulted in a submitted order. The IBM 1Q 2015 US Online Retail Quarterly Economic Index reports that new visitor conversion rate was 1.8 percent. This metric remains fairly stable throughout the year except during the November and December holiday shopping season.

In 2014, new visitor conversion rate rose to 2.5 percent on Thanksgiving Day, 3.2 percent on Black Friday and reached a high of 4.1 percent on Cyber Monday. This metric is also higher in the first 3 weeks of December than in the month of November overall. Retailers should start preparing now to take advantage of shopper inclination to order from new sites during the holiday season.

Ensuring an exceptional online experience is key to attracting, and keeping, new customers. Retailers can take practical steps to deliver a personalized and rewarding shopping experience. Optimizing for mobile, ensuring good site navigation and testing site changes in A/B models are sound measures to enhance the visitor experience.

Achieving deeper insights into customer interests and behavior is critical for marketers who want to increase customer engagement. A foundational layer of actionable understanding is key to delivering unique and personalized offers and content that cultivates profitable brand relationships.

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