Knowledge Required

The Knowledge Required for Certification by Digital Analytics Association (DAA) provides an overview of the broad domain of knowledge required for DAA Certification™. It is intended to provide the candidate with information about the topics to be familiar with before testing. The certification is based on knowledge and experience rather than memorizing study materials. Due to the required years of experience to be eligible to test for certification, we expect that many analytics professionals eligible for certification should be able to pass the certification test without taking any courses.

Current exam categories include:

  • Web Analytics Site Optimization
  • Measuring Marketing Campaigns Online
  • Creating and Managing the Analytical Business Culture

Potential applicants for the DAA Certification Exam™ should review this document and decide if they possess sufficient experience within the identified areas of knowledge required for DAA Web Analyst Certification™. Experienced web analysts are also encouraged to take the exam to gauge topics that may need additional preparation. A candidate may retest up to three times during the eligibility period if necessary. The retest fee is just $149US.

It should be noted this document is not intended to be a “body of knowledge” for the web analytics profession. It is meant only to convey the types of web analytics exposure a candidate may encounter within the DAA Certification Exam™.

Download a full copy of the Knowledge Required for Certification.