Lead Scoring Short Course

Self-Study Resources

Welcome! The DAA short course is designed to provide you with a self-study path to better understanding the topic of Lead Scoring. Below is a list of DAA curated articles to help you bolster your knowledge. Once complete and after purchasing your short course, watch our Ask the Experts webinar and take the Knowledge Check exam. Upon successful completion, you will receive a DAA certificate.

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  • What is lead scoring?
  • How does lead scoring work?
  • Why does my business need lead scoring?
Lead Scoring Basics
  • Types of lead scoring
  • Explicit lead scoring
  • Implicit (behavior) lead scoring
  • The business value of lead scoring


Marketo - Building a Lead Scoring Program (video 8:44)

Act-On - How Important is Lead Scoring? (blog post)

Hubspot - Lead Scoring 101: How to Use Data to Calculate a Basic Lead Score (blog post)

Getting Started with Lead Scoring
  • Lead Scoring Basics
  • Getting Started with Lead Scoring
  • Creating an Explicit Scoring Model
  • Creating an Implicit Scoring Model

Salesforce - The Basic Science Behind Lead Scoring (blog post & infographic)

MarTech Insider - Lead scoring: A bridge from marketing to actual sales (article)

CRM Search - A 10 Step Framework to Accurate Lead Scores (blog post)

Marketo - The Who, What, Why, How of Lead Scoring (slides & video 34:18)

Marketo - Playing for Keeps: Expert Ideas for Effective Lead Scoring (article)

Marketo - Rev Up Your Lead Engine With Predictive Scoring (slides & video 51:20)

Marketo - Quest for the Holy Grail: Driving Predictable Revenue (slides & video 43:00)

CRM Search - Lead Score Models (blog post)

Predictive Scoring Implementation

  • Implementing in Analytics tools
  • Additional considerations

Activating Lead Scores

  • Lead management
  • Email and ad targeting
  • Sales action

Common Lead Scoring Issues

  • Data availability and quality
  • Data capture with forms

Infer - Qualify Leads with Predictive Analytics (video 32:19)

Engagement Scoring and Adobe Analytics Derived Metrics (blog post)

CRM Integration #1 - Passing Adobe Analytics Data (blog post)

Adobe Summit - Visitor Scoring in Adobe Analytics (blog post)