Digital Analytics Association Selects iPerceptions for ‘Voice of Customer’ Analytics

Monday, April 23, 2012  

Premier Web Analytics Organization Bets on webValidator to Drive Measurable Customer Experience Improvements on its Website

NEW YORK, DAA NY Symposium, April 23, 2012 iPerceptions Inc., a leading provider of online Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics based on real visitor feedback, today announced that the Digital Analytics Association (DAA), formerly known as the Web Analytics Association (WAA), has chosen iPerceptions’ webValidator Continuous Listening solution to address its VoC needs for the site.

The DAA will use visitor feedback gathered by iPerceptions’ webValidator Continuous Listening solution to learn more about the needs and expectations of visitors to its website. iPerceptions’ webValidator will also enable the DAA to identify and prioritize opportunities to improve their site in ways that better serve current and prospective members as well web analysts and marketers. The DAA also plans to integrate webValidator data with Google Analytics data to understand the combination of a) what visitors did on the website and b) their perception of the experience.

"Direct feedback is a critical element of any customer analytics program,” said Mike Levin, Executive Director of the Digital Analytics Association. "We are excited to be working with iPerceptions and using their ‘active invitation’ and random sampling approach to gather website visitor data, which produces balanced feedback that we can trust as an accurate representation of all our visitors.”

Unlike user feedback buttons that are embedded on web pages, iPerceptions’ continuous listening methodology uses: a) active feedback invitations b) randomly delivered on arrival and c) branded by the organization to ensure a representative sample of all website visitors. Research shows that active solicitations yield significantly higher response rates and generate data that is significantly more balanced in terms of positive and negative feedback.

"Preliminary analysis of iPerceptions’ webValidator data has already revealed that digital analytics beginners and non-members are under-served by our website,” added Levin. "We are incorporating these findings into a site redesign project that is currently underway."

About iPerceptions’ webValidator Continuous Listening Solution

iPerceptions’ webValidator is a complete online Voice of Customer analytics solution. Its unique survey methodology, robust set of analytic resources, and dedicated expert support make it easy for website stakeholders to harvest insights from their visitors on an ongoing basis. iPerceptions’ online self-serve Interactive Dashboard allows companies to monitor and analyze their webValidator feedback and supports data integration with leading web analytics solution providers such as Google Analytics, IBM, Webtrends and Tealeaf, in order to gain more actionable intelligence.

About Digital Analytics Association (DAA)

The DAA is a not-for-profit, volunteer powered association that helps members like Adobe, Expedia, SAS and Yahoo! become more valuable through education, community, research and advocacy. The DAA was founded as the Web Analytics Association in 2004. The organization has more than 2,000 members worldwide, representing forty countries and a broad spectrum of expertise. For more information about the DAA or to become a member, visit the DAA website at:

About iPerceptions

iPerceptions is the leader in online Voice of Customer analytics, using advanced intercept surveys to gather feedback from representative samples of real visitors. Its webValidator Continuous Listening solution and 4Q Suite solution turn millions of data points into easy-to-understand strategic and tactical decision support, while its Web Analytics Solution Profiler (WASP) provides superior web analytics quality assurance. iPerceptions’ clients include well-known brands such as Dell, InterContinental Hotels, FedEx, General Motors, Harvard Business Review, Lego, Choice Hotels International and Monster Worldwide. For more information, please visit

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