17 New Cookbook Recipes Added via Cookbook Challenge

17 New Cookbook Recipes Added via Cookbook Challenge

WAKEFIELD, Mass. Sept. 20, 2017 –The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) today announced the two winners of the DAA Cookbook Challenge, an initiative that netted 17 new recipes for the Digital Analytics Cookbook, a highly used member resource.

Congratulations to the winners, Jean-Philippe Jover of AT Internet and Abhinav Sharma of Adobe. During the three-month Challenge, more than 20 members – many of them first-time contributors – submitted recipes to the Cookbook Challenge.  All authors of new recipes within the timeframe were entered into a random drawing, with the two winning authors awarded $50 Amazon gift cards.

DAA appreciates all the contributions to the Digital Analytics Cookbook and would like to extend thanks to all participants of the Cookbook Challenge. Even though the Cookbook Challenge may be over, members are welcome to contribute new recipes at any time.

The Digital Analytics Cookbook is a crowdsourced initiative to capture effective, replicable digital analyses that can be shared, developed and implemented by the members of the Association. Members contribute the recipes and assist their peers in the analytics community by sharing knowledge and experience; members who access the recipes have found them invaluable.

Members can access the Digital Analytics Cookbook here:

Interested parties who are not yet members can view a sample recipe here:

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