Patchy GDPR Preparation Shows U.S. Businesses Unprepared for New Legislation and Regulation

New Research from DAA & Ebiquity Reveals Significant Gaps in GDPR Post-Implementation

WAKEFIELD, Mass. July 15, 2019 - The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) announced the results of a joint research study with Ebiquity, showing that U.S. companies have taken minimal steps to protect consumer data since the advent of the E.U.’s new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, and substantial work remains to prepare for the forthcoming U.S. data protection/privacy laws.

Ebiquity and DAA fielded the survey in late 2018 and early 2019. More than 800 responses came from DAA members and Ebiquity clients, representing 60 different organizations, ranging from Fortune 50 enterprises to mid-size companies. Responses were from various levels within the organization, from CEO’s to manager; most responses were from personnel at the VP/Director level.

The results of the study are available here:

Ian Thomas, Chief Data Officer for Publicis Spine and a DAA board member, provided additional commentary for the report, stating, “This reports shows that, in the U.S. at least, far too many organizations are treating GDPR as a minimum-bar compliance issue, taking actions such as restricting users from the E.U. which are unlikely to deliver longer-term compliance with the laws that are being put in place internationally, as well as doing damage to their brands and core businesses.”

“The DAA encourages our members – and any organization that is using personal data, to think about the broader ethical implications of the use of this data, and the role it plays in their business,” said Mr. Thomas.

Val Kroll, DAA president and Optimization Director at Search Discovery said, "I'm excited that we were able to partner with Ebiquity to conduct this research and provide these results to our members. Let these big brands serve as an example -- preparedness cannot happen over night. Even if GDPR doesn't directly affect your company today, with the developments in US legislation, it's time to start planning now. I look forward to continuing the conversation and finding ways to help provide our members with the resources they need to support compliance."

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