OneConference 2020



The ONE Conference and Premier Awards for Digital Analytics Professionals Must Go On[line]!

Join us for the 2nd annual DAA OneConference and Quantie Awards - from wherever you are.


DAA OneConference and the Quantie Awards are an invaluable experience for any digital analytics professional – from the practitioner to the executive – who need answers they can trust. 

With our community, you get answers on a global scale, and bringing DAA OneConference and the Quantie Awards online means you’ll receive them to a degree we have yet to witness. So, although we won’t be able to shake your hand in person, you will continue building on conversations from past events and engage in new ones with attendees and speakers from across the globe!

Acknowledging all of today’s new challenges, we plan to deliver a stellar line up of globally renowned industry leaders providing key insights, latest trends, and connection we all need now more than ever. With an unbiased agenda and a community of experts, join us to get the tools and foresight you need to collaborate, innovate, and improve performance to stay ahead in the changing landscape of digital analytics.

Hype won’t lead your company into the future, and fluff doesn’t bring you to your next career move. The content and network you’ll meet as part of OneConference and the Quantie Awards will.


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Curious what the virtual OneConference and Quantie Awards will look like? Take a spin through the online event platform, Pathable:

Pathable's Virtual Platform - The Attendee from Pathable, Inc. on Vimeo.