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A framework of 5+5 pillars to build for the GDPR: A sound basis while ePrivacy is being finalized

Aurelie Pols

Date: 10/18/17
Featuring: Aurelie Pols
CWA Professional Development Units: 1 PDU

The General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR - kicks in May 2018. With fines up to 4% of global turn-over or 20 million €, this overhaul of the current European Data Protection Directive rebalances risk for any data ventures. And it's not the only aspect that changes as the territorial scope of this legislation might very possibly impact your obligations with respect to European citizens. This webinar will walk you through a framework of 5+5 pillars which need to be addressed in order to assure accountability, as enshrined within the GDPR, in order to limit risk for your company. Do not hesitate to send questions prior to the webinar to aurelie@mindyourprivacy.com

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