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Essentials Series Online – Fundamentals of Digital Analytics – Launch

Date: Wednesday, June 26th 2019
Time: 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT

DAA is excited to announce the launch of the newly revised, completely online Essentials Series. This is an interactive, discussion-based, education program.

In this webinar, Anil Batra, Co-Founder of Optizent, will discuss what the Fundamentals of Digital Analytics course will consist of. The LIVE, online class will occur twice a week for approximately 1 hour, with Anil Batra conducting an online class, thus allowing students access to a SME for Q & A and/or class discussion. You will learn key competencies, knowledge, and skills in the areas of: data capture and measurement, reporting and forecasting, analytical business culture, site optimization and marketing campaigns.

Whether you are new to web analytics, new to web management, or just need to be sure that you are seeing the forest for the trees, this is the best place to get grounded in the basics.

In the Fundamentals of Digital Analytics you will learn about:

  • Web metrics terminology and technology
  • The most critical web metrics
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • How to derive business value from web analytics
  • The skills you need (or need to look for in others) to build a web analytics powerhouse
  • A process for creating a web analytics culture and making it stick in your organization
  • How to gain executive buy-in
  • Insight into optimizing your business with web analytics

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About the Speaker

Anil Batra, Digital Marketing and Analytics Professional
Anil Batra is a seasoned Digital Marketing and Analytics professional with 15 years of experience. He has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 50 to startups and has helped them improve marketing results. His customers include Microsoft, ESPN, T-Mobile, Hoovers, RealNetworks, Starbucks, and TheStreet.

He holds a B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India and an MBA from University of Washington, Seattle. Anil has taught and trained several Marketing and Analytics folks in his past nine years of teaching at UBC, University of Washington, and Bellevue College, and speaking engagements at various conferences, as well as his blog.

He teaches Digital Marketing, Digital Analytics, Google Analytics, Tableau, and Social Media courses. He also served on the Board of Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and was instrumental in starting the DAA Symposiums. Anil is the co-founder of Optizent, a Digital Marketing and Analytics consulting company.

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