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Privacy & Data: The Strategy to Get it Right and Survive
Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Time: 11:30 am EST / 8:30 am PST
Members and Non-Members

With the ever-increasing infringements on our online data privacy in recent years, governments have had to move rapidly to safeguard users and prevent all-out ‘1984’ surveillance capitalism. However, as new regulations spread across the globe, companies are finding it increasingly challenging to take advantage of privacy-compliant data and maximize its full value. In this webinar, with international-renowned privacy expert Aurélie Pols and Declan Owens from AT Internet, we will explain what lies ahead and the strategies you need to adopt to sustain an efficient use of your analytics data – including valuable operational insights and a clear understanding of how AT Internet’s Analytics Suite provides the framework and tools you need to realign your business strategy.
Upon Completion of this webinar you will:
  1. Understand the details of the upcoming global Privacy revolution and what that means for businesses.
  2. Measure the impact of neglecting this topic – for your analytics and most of all, your bottom linen.
  3. Acquire the optimum strategy to enable your business to survive and thrive.
  4. Learn how AT Internet and the tools it offers are a real alternative to help you get ahead in the future trust economy.
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About the Speaker:
Experienced in digital project management and solutions, Declan Owens has been working in Digital Analytics for several years now and gained enough knowledge to be recognized as an expert by his peers.

Declan first started in traffic management in a digital communication agency mostly working on strategies for digital platforms to acquire quality traffic via SEO, online advertising, social networks, etc. Declan then decided to specialize in digital analytics by joining AT Internet, a leading vendor on the market. After becoming an expert on the Analytics Suite, while managing several large analytics projects internationally and leading teams of consultants, Declan has acquired a complete knowledge of how to answer business needs thanks to data. He permanently upholds a philosophy of sustainability in his counsel, going beyond the pure technical aspects of the job, reaching out further and solving problems on topics such as privacy or company management.

Aurélie Pols designs data privacy best practices: documenting data flows, minimizing risk related to data uses, solving for data quality. She spent 19 years optimizing digital data-based decision-making processes. She co-founded and sold her start-up to Digitas LBi (Publicis). Used to following the money to optimize data trails, she follows data to minimize risks, touching upon security practices and ethical data uses.

She leads her own consultancy, Aurélie Pols and Associates, serves as DPO for NY based CDP mParticle and was part of the EDPS’ EAG. She teaches Privacy & Ethics at IE Business School in Madrid, supports DPO training courses for Maastricht University, is part of their ECPC board, supported IEEE’s P7002 and serves as Ethics advisor for H2020 projects.

Quantifying the Contribution of Storytelling to the Bottom-Line 

Date: Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am PST

One of the most frequently-cited problems in the marketing industry is an inability to (1) properly identify, align, measure, and track metrics relevant to a specific company, (2) quantify the value produced by various marketing initiatives, tactics, and channels in a way that resonates with senior leadership, and (3) use the data from (1) and (2) above to identify actionable insights to inform overall marketing spend and guide future marketing efforts. In short: today’s business owners, executives and marketing professionals need a comprehensive framework for measuring and evaluating the efficacy of their efforts.
Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
  1. Identify the metrics that matter to their organization;
  2. Align those metrics to business outcomes;
  3. Use these “Moneyball” metrics to identify hidden value and optimize existing marketing mixes;
  4. Quantify the value of their efforts relative to the bottom-line outcomes of their company, and they'll actually know how to put that knowledge into action.
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About the Speaker:
Sam is the VP of Strategy & Analytics at Warschawski, a global boutique digital communications agency. Sam’s unique approach to marketing is rooted in non-traditional background spanning finance, real estate + business, which he uses to help clients uncover hidden opportunities, optimize marketing spends and drive bottom-line profitability + growth. In addition to his work at Warschawski, Sam is an investor in early stage companies, international keynote speaker, published author, and a faculty member at Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business.
How to Use UX Research Methods to Improve Your CRO Practice
Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am PST
CRO and UX are probably efforts that already exist in your organization, but are you streamlining these efforts to optimize your organizations understanding of your customer? If not, I’ll teach you the first steps needed to get the optimal use out of your CRO and UX teams.  
Upon completion of this program, participants will:
1. Challenges organizations may face if not combining CRO and UX
2. Prioritization Strategy – best practices for UX and CRO
3. The advantage to CRO and UX when combined
4. How to get CRO and UX teams collaborating
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About the Speaker:
I’m an experienced UX research and design leader with a successful track record advising organizations on UX design.

I help organizations answer questions about their user interactions and experiences.
I'm known for the work I’ve done with high-performing ecommerce clients and the Ed-Tech space. Alongside this, I have had the opportunity to offer UX workshops locally as well as internationally to share UX best practices with teams looking to jumpstart their UX strategy.

Outside of the office I’m a dedicated yogi, cat mom, and artist.