Professional Development

The DAA offers many ways in which you can enhance your professional knowledge, skills and develop your career.

Competency Framework

The Digital Analyst Competency Framework is the first-of-its-kind industry reference. The Framework defines the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in the field of digital analytics. The Competency Framework spans three experience levels (Entry-Level, Mid-Level and Senior) across two professional tracks (Analytical and Technical). The Framework can be used by digital analysts, their employers, HR professionals, and educators.


The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Web Analyst Certification Program™ is a voluntary certification program. The purpose of the program is to provide a mechanism for individuals to obtain professional recognition after demonstrating their knowledge of and competency within the web analytics industry. Certification will be issued to each qualified person upon meeting DAA’s required education, experience, and examination requirements.


The DAA Symposia bring digital analytics, web analytics, marketing and business professionals together for a day of learning, professional development and networking. The Symposia bring world-class speakers to where digital analytics professionals are located and makes it more convenient, less expensive, and less time away from the office to learn from experts whom they would not normally be able to hear in person.

Essentials Series

The DAA Essentials Series is an interactive, discussion-based education program focused on the business application of digital analytics. The content is designed to prepare you for a transition into more strategic and collaborative roles within your organization. Learn how to improve the integrity and precision of intelligence created for your business and to gain support by customizing your analytical efforts to the needs of your stakeholders. These classes are non-technical / not about the tools; some experience with basic digital analytics reporting is recommended but not required.

Educational Webinars

DAA educational webinars cover a variety of hot topics to increase your knowledge and skills in digital analytics. Join a live webinar or view the library for on-demand webinars. The DAA webinar series is a valuable new exclusive benefit. Don't worry if you can't make the live event, all webinars will be recorded and made available on-demand.

Thought Leader Conversations

The Thought Leader Conversation Series allows DAA members to hear insights, best practices, and personal experiences from leaders and experts in the digital analytics industry. It is an exclusive opportunity to learn and ask questions without spending a day out of the office and on conference fees and travel. Thought Leader Conversations are hosted by Jim Sterne, DAA Chair of the Board. DAA members may attend a live conversation or listen to a conversation from the archive for free. If you are not a member, this is another great reason to join.

Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling is a popular concept in data analysis circle these days. That’s good! But it’s one thing to know that you should craft persuasive and factual stories from your data, and yet another to know how to do it.  This is a three-hour, entry-level workshop on storytelling for digital analysts at any skill level. The workshop is highly interactive and there are typically between 15-30 participants. View more details and the schedule of upcoming workshops.

Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics - 100% Online
University of British Columbia Digital Analytics programs

The UBC Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics program teaches you how to create and manage a digital analytics program, optimize the effectiveness of site content, customer support initiatives, and the usability of the interface and navigational structure.

Web Intelligence Certificate at UC Irvine

Web intelligence is a combination of digital analytics, which examines how website visitors view and interact with a site’s pages and features, and business intelligence, which allows a corporation’s management to use data on customer purchasing patterns, demographics, and demand trends to make effective strategic decisions. As companies expand their reach into the global marketplace, the need to analyze how customers use company websites to learn about products and make buying decisions is becoming increasingly critical to survival and ultimate success.

eMetrics Summit

The eMetrics Summit is “Big Data for Marketing!” From early adopters leading the effort to those still in discovery mode, this is the only comprehensive event dedicated to digital analytics and marketing optimization. As the leading conference covering the impact of data & technology on marketing, eMetrics Summit focuses on driving business results through data analysis and technology adoption.

The eMetrics Summit is the official conference of the DAA with all members receiving a discount of 10% off registration.