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Before you begin your assessment, update your DAA Member Profile.  In the self-assessment, you can compare your results to other analysts in the same job role, industry, location, chapter, etc. See more comparisons by updating your profile

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The Self-Assessment is designed for computers and tablets and is not optimized for mobile phones.

The Digital Analyst Self-Assessment is the ultimate professional development resource for digital analysts. Intuitive and easy to use, the self-assessment asks you to rate yourself against the key defined competencies of successful digital analysts. Once completed, you can see how you measure up in the job market in your current role and for job roles to which you aspire.

The assessment’s gap analysis section allows you to compare your results against your peers across the industry, location, chapter, education level, etc. See more comparisons by updating your DAA Member Profile. The tool aggregates all user responses and profile data into an anonymous data pool. Then, based on your profile and assessment results, the tool compares you with a group of other digital analysts in the same job role.  No individual results are shared, as they are strictly confidential.

Your results will also indicate which competencies you'll want to focus on and the recommended professional development resources available to address your specific needs. Your assessment results will provide you with a clear definition of how to get from where you are to where you want to be. You can use your assessment results to develop a personalized professional development plan using the education resources recommended to you.
The Digital Analyst Self-Assessment is based on the Digital Analyst Competency Framework developed by digital analysts across a broad range of experience and skill levels. The Self-Assessment is one of several professional development resources in development by the DAA based on the Competency Framework.

The tool works in five easy steps:

Identify your current job role

Assess your skills within that role

Review your assessment results and recommended learning resources

Create your personalized professional development plan

Explore other careers in digital analytics

"For any analyst who wants to take their career to the next level, the DAA self-assessment tool is the perfect resource. The assessment was easy to take and helped me quickly identify key areas that I can focus on to become a more sought-after resource in my company and across the industry.”- Jacob Knettel, DAA Member

Here's how the Self-Assessment can advance your career:

  • Document your strengths to management when discussing your performance, career goals, and development needs
  • Determine what skills you need to develop to advance to the next level in your career
  • Identify resources to fill your skill gap
  • Benchmark your assessment results against digital analysts in your job role
  • Create a personalized professional development plan to guide your career

The assessment is easy-to-use, confidential, and free to members of DAA.  The Digital Analyst Self-Assessment takes about twenty minutes to complete but varies by the individual; however, you may complete it in more than one sitting.

Why I Self-Assessed

Hear about David's experience taking the new Self-Assessment. Featuring DAA Member: David Campanella, Digital Insights Analyst at PFSweb

More Testimonials

"The self-assessment is a good tool to find the path from a vague idea on where to improve one’s skills to concrete resources to tackle"
-Jonas Tiedgen


"I have been involved in product data analysis for many years, but I’m newer to digital analytics.  The DAA self-assessment tool is tremendously helpful to me for an understanding of the core competencies that I need to work on, as well as the extensive resources that are compiled to help with my learning process.  The DAA team did a great job putting this tool together and I’m certain other members will find it valuable as well."
-Julie K. Hanson, 3M

"I think the most valuable feature of the self-assessment tool is the ability to connect members with educational resources that are tailored to their personal development plans." 
- Stephen R. Robinson