Speakers Bureau

The DAA Speakers Bureau is a directory of qualified speakers connected to the digital analytics profession. DAA chapters, members, and individuals outside of DAA are encouraged to search the listings to identify speakers for upcoming events.

DAA does not endorse or represent any of the speakers included in the directory. New speakers are added regularly. To schedule a speaker contact the member directly.

To join the list you must be a DAA member. Submit your name and speaking details to be included.


Speaker Heather Aeder speaks on Digital Analytics, systems integration, digital marketing, Web analytics, analytics workforce efficiency and business intelligece (BI)

Heather Aeder
Vice President, Analytics and Insights, Pepperjam
Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Digital analytics
  • System integration
  • Digital marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Analytics workforce efficiency
  • Business intelligence (BI)

DAA Speakers Bureau Speaker Sushant Ajmani is available for speaking engagements on experience optimization, data governance and digital analytics implementation

Sushant Ajmani
Head of Digital Analytics Consulting, Nabler
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Experience Optimization
  • Data Governance
  • Digital Analytics Implementation

Feras Alhou speaks about analytics strategy and roadmap, analytics culture and adoption, data integration and customer 360, and 5 misconceptions marketers have about analytics

Feras Alhou
Co-Founder and Principal Consultant, E-Nor
San Jose, California
408-988-0003 ext. 111
www.e-nor.com/blog and www.twitter.com/ferasa

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Analytics Strategy & Roadmap
  • Analytics Culture & Adoption
  • Data Integration & Customer 360
  • 5 Misconceptions marketers have about Analytics
  • BigQuery and Google Cloud Platform

Digital Analytics Association Speakers Bureau Speaker Chris Baird is available for speaking on Web and data analytics, data governance and data quality

Chris Baird
VP of Marketing, ObservePoint
Provo, Utah

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Web/Data Analytics
  • Data Governance
  • Data Quality

Ivan Bager

Ivan Bager
Director of Innovation, Siteimprove
Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 6012 4950

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Organizational integration of Data Driven Decision Making
  • Digital Analytics Change Management
  • Data Democratization
  • UX and Client-centric data communication
  • Management reporting
  • Wide variety of digital analytics topics

Anil Batra

Anil Batra
http://www.anilbatra.com/site/ and

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Web Analytics
  • Digital Analytics
  • Digital marketing and Advertising
  • Marketing, Media and Campaign Analytics, Attribution and Optimization
  • Customer Analytics
  • Analytics Strategy & Roadmap
  • Building and Developing Analytics Teams, Culture & Adoption
  • 1st party and 3rd party data Integration, analysis and insights
  • Data infrastructure
  • Data Visualization
  • A/B Testing/ Experimentation
  • Personalization
  • Teaching and Training Digital Marketing and Analytics

Digital Analytics Association member and speaker Todd Belcher is available for speaking on customer data, data layers and marketing automation

Todd Belcher
Director of Customer Success, BlueConic
Boston, Massachusetts

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Customer data
  • Digital analytics
  • Data layers
  • Marketing Automation

Arun Bhattacharya speaks about mobile analytics, mobile apps and engagement

Arun Bhattacharya
Product Marketing Director - Mobile Analytics, Adobe
San Jose, California
https://www.linkedin.com/in/arunbhattacharya and https://blogs.adobe.com/digitalmarketing/author/arun-bhattacharya/

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile App Engagement

Speaker Tadeo Garcia Binda

Tadeo Garcia Binda
AdBirds Google Analytics Expert & Team Lead, AdBirds
ex-Google Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Tag management
  • Web analytics
  • Building/developing web analytics teams
  • Digital media planning & buying
  • ROI/Lifetime-value analysis
  • Note: Tadeo is a native speaker in Spanish and Italian

Speaker David Booth talks about digital analytics, predictive analytics, big data / modeling, data governance, data visualization, measurement frameworks, enterprise analytics, marketing technology stack, data driven digital marketing and data strategy

David Booth
2014 DAA Practitioner of the Year
Co-founding Partner, Cardinal Path (now part of the Dentsu Aegis Network)
Phoenix, Arizona

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Digital analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Big data / modeling
  • Data governance
  • Data visualization
  • Measurement frameworks
  • Enterprise analytics
  • Marketing technology stack
  • Data-driven digital marketing
  • Data strategy

DAA member and Speaker Damion Brown speaks on Government websites and analytics for content

Damion Brown
Principal Consultat, Data Runs Deep
Melbourne, Australia
61 3 9006 6342

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Government websites and digital analytics
  • Analytics for content site

Reid Bryant speaks on A/B and Multivariate Testing, Experimentation, Optimization, Data Science and Personalization

Reid Bryant
VP, Data Science & Analytics, Brooks Bell
Raleigh, North Carolina
http://www.brooksbell.com and http://www.brooksbell.com/blog/author/reid/

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Experimentation
  • Optimization
  • Digital Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Data Mining
  • Personalization

Speaker David Oscar Chou

David Oscar Chou
Analytics Expert & Director LATAM Region, AdBirds
ex-Google Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Tag management
  • Web analytics
  • Building/developing web analytics teams
  • Digital media planning & buying
  • ROI/Lifetime-value analysis
  • Note: David is a native speaker in Chinese and Spanish

Tuhin Chattopadhyay speaks on business analytics, predictive analytics, marketing, survival analysis for churn analytics, and cluster analysis for customer segmentation

Tuhin Chattopadhyay
Sr. Manager, Analytics and Insight, Blueocean Market Intelligence
Redmond, Washington/ Mumbai, India

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Business Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Marketing / Digital Analytics
  • Survival Analysis for Churn Analytics
  • Cluster Analysis for Customer Segmentation
  • Multi-Dimensional Scaling for Brand Positioning
  • Marketing Mix Modelling, Analytics On Path-To-Conversion (P2c)
  • Application of Advanced Statistics to Generate Valuable Insight for Specific Industry Sectors (e.g. Retail, Healthcare)

Speaker Shawn Davis speaks on topics including digital analytics, Ecommerce, direct marketing and Web analytics

Shawn Davis
Sr. Director, Strategy & Analytics, Microsoft.com
Redmond, Washington

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Digital analytics
  • Ecommerce
  • Direct marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Lifetime value modeling
  • Digital advertising

Digital Analitics Association (formerly Web Analytics Association) Speaker Brent Dykes speaks about data storytelling, data visualization, analysis best practices, governance best practices

Brent Dykes
Director, Data Strategy, Domo
American Fork, Utah
Anayticshero.com , Powerpointninja.com and Forbes.com/sites/brentdykes/

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Data storytelling
  • Data visualization
  • Analysis best practices
  • Digital analytics best practices
  • Governance best practices

Elizabethk Eckles, also known as Elizabeth Smalls speaks about digital analytics.

Elizabeth Eckles
Consultant, Smalls Analytics and Team Demystified
Columbus, Ohio 

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Analytics for eCommerce
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Analytics Implementation Process
  • General Analytics Processes (Project Management, Dashboard Creation)
  • Data Quality Management
  • Effective Analytics Communication
  • SEO

Speaker and Board of Directors Member Emeritus, Eric Feinberg


Eric Feinberg
Vice President, Marketing
Los Angeles, California

Peter Fernanndo speaks about analytics, video optimization, customer journey towards profitability, life time value, revenue optimization, digital analytics & innovation and data strategy

Peter Fernando
CEO and Founder, Zalala Consulting and Media Svcs, LLC
Los Angeles, California

Speaker Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Intelligence/Analytics
  • Video Optimization
  • Customer Journey towards profitability
  • Life Time Value
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Digital Analytics & Innovation
  • Digital Advertising
  • Performance Marketing
  • Data Strategy
  • Cross Platform Optimization
  • Revenue Management
  • Pricing/Inventory
  • Marketing
  • CRM

Eric Fetman speaks about Google analytics implementation best practices, ecommerce integration, segmentation, and Google Tag Manager best practices for migration, development and data retrieval

Eric Fetman
Consultant & Head Instructor, E-Nor
New York, New York

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Google Analytics Implementation Best Practices
  • Google Analytics Ecommerce Integration
  • Behavioral and Constituency-Based Segmentation in Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager - Best Practices for Migration, Development, and Data Retrieval

Speaker Ben Gaines speaks on data demonstration, data science, mobile, governance and marketing attribution

Ben Gaines
Sr. Product Manager, Adobe Analytics
Lehi, Utah

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Data Demonstration
  • Customer Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Mobile
  • Governance
  • Marketing Attribution

Timothy Gillman digital analytics speaker

Timothy Gillman
Digital Analyst, Analytics Pros
Seattle, Washington

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Google Analytics Custom Reports
  • Google Data Studio
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Attribution
  • Tag Management
  • Event Tracking

John Glinski speaks about digital measukrement strategy, marketing analytics, cross channel analysis and campaign testing and optimization

John Glinski
Senior Digital Analyst, Vanguard
Malvern, Pennsylvania
john_glinski @ vanguard.com

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Digital Measurement Strategy
    - How to develop an effective measurement strategy roadmap for your business
    - Data is not the answer: Exploring why all the dashboards in the world will not change your business
  • Marketing Analytics
    - Cross-Channel Analysis
    - Brand Exposure Analysis
    - Campaign Testing & Optimization
  • High-Value Advanced Digital Analysis
    - Key Event Visit Scoring
    - Web Experience Content Analysis
    - Internal Search Analysis via Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques

Tanvi Goila speaks about business process optimization, process analytics, data science in action, use of IT for e-Governance and customer segmentation

Tanvi Goila
Senior Manager of Products and Solutions, Blueocean Market Intelligence
Redmond, Washington/ Mumbai, India

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Business Process Optimization
  • Process Analytics, Data Science in Action
  • Use of IT for e-Governance
  • Customer Segmentation

Analytics Demystified Senior Partner, Speaker, and member, DAA Board of Directors, Adam Greco speaks on Web Analytics, B2B Online and Ofline integration and Voice of Customer (VOC)

Adam Greco
Senior Partner, Analytics Demystified
Chicago, Illinois

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Web Analytics
  • B2B Online/Offline Integration
  • Voice of Customer (VOC)

Speaker Stephane Hamel speaks on a wide variety of digital analytics topics including Google Analytics

Stéphane Hamel
Digital Analytics Thought Leader
St-Pierre, Quebec

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Google Expert for Product Strategy/Google Analytics Expert
  • Digital Analytics Roadmap
  • Digital Analytics Maturity & Organizational Transformation
  • Data Visualization
  • Wide variety of digital analytics topics

Allison Hartsoe

Allison Hartsoe
CEO, Ambition Data
Portland, Oregon

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Getting power from digital analytics
  • Adding customer analytics
  • Better campaign analytics
  • How to find your firm on the customer centric maturity curve
  • Aligning teams
  • Mentoring women analysts

Neil Hoyne, Head of Customer Analytics, Google, speaks on many topics including attribution, Google Analytics, customer lifetime value (CLV), Customer Analytics, Experimentation, and Google AdWords

Neil Hoyne
Head of Customer Analytics, Google
San Francisco, California

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Attribution
  • Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Customer Centricity
  • Customer Analytics
  • Building Relationships with Digital
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Retention & Development
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Experimentation
  • Site Optimization
  • Google AdWords
  • DoubleClick

Quentin Jones, analytics speaker

Quentin Jones
Assistant Vice President of Technical Digital Analytics, Barclaycard US
Wilmington, Delaware

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Careers in Analytics
  • Intro to Careers in Digital Analytics

Serge Kajirian speaks

Serge Kajirian 
VP of Technology, Titan U.S. Corporation
Los Angeles, California

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Building the best Analytics Teams
  • Technical Product Journey with Data
  • Agile in Analytics Management
  • Copyright Challenges in the Entertainment Industry
  • Copyright Enforcement in the Digital Age
  • Data Governance culture in an Enterprise Environment
  • Site Optimization & Awesome Testing Strategies
  • What does being COPPA Compliant really mean?
  • Nightmare Data Migrations and how to avoid them

Gregory Kaminski speaks about Digital Analytics topics such as tagging, dashboarding and Website behavioral analysis

Gregory Kaminski
Director, Digital Analytics, MaassMedia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Digital Analytics Strategy
  • Tagging
  • Implementation
  • Data Governance
  • Data Visualization
  • Reporting
  • Dashboarding
  • Marketing ROI & LTV
  • Website Behavioral Analysis

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Michele Kiss
Senior Partner, Analytics Demystified
San Jose, California

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • People, Process, Technology
  • Data Visualization
  • Presentation
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Managing Analytics Teams
  • Testing & Analytics
  • Quantified Self

Alan K'necht

Alan K'necht
President K'nechtology Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Digital Analytics
  • Measuring the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing
  • The Why & How to conduct an Analytics Audit
  • Data Visualization
  • Search Engine Optimization & Analytics
  • Paid Per Click Optimization via Analytics
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing
  • Wide variety of digital analytics topics

Digital Strategy Manager, Jacob Knettel speaks on how to enhance the customer journey and how to turn new buyers into lifeling customers

Jacob Knettel
Digital Strategy Manager, PFSweb
Dallas, TX

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Enhance the Customer Journey
  • Turn New Buyers into Lifelong Customers
  • Finding the Right Marketing Mix
  • A Personal Journey: From Analyst to Strategist
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Damaris Lasa, Digital Marketing and analytics instructor, General Assembly

Damaris Lasa
Digital Marketing & Analytics Instructor, General Assembly
New York, New York

Topics and areas of expertise

  • Google Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Analytics Implementation Best Practices
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Professional Development

Speaker Hong Le

Hong Le
Director APAC Region, AdBirds
ex-Google APAC

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Digital marketing
  • Digital optimization
  • Google AdWords
  • Cross device, cross digital channel integration
  • Digital analytics
  • Online consumer behavior
  • Developing digital media sales competencies

June Li of Clickinsight.ca is an extremely knowledgeable digital analytics speaker June Li

Managing Director, Clickinsight
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Getting value from digital analytics
  • Data quality and governance matters
  • Top 10 (or 5, or 15) must use features of Google Analytics
  • Best practices – analytics, testing, communicating, hiring
  • Building your digital analytics practice, department, group
  • Successful analytics for SMB vs enterprise, sector specific (non-profit, retail, B2B, travel, etc.) or marketing specific (search, email, social, omni-channel, etc)

Speaker Rick Linde speaks about career advancement, what hirig managers are looking for in a digital analyst, and job hunting: how to find the right fit

Rick Linde
Chemistry Executive Search

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Career Advancement
  • What Hiring Managers are Looking for in a Digital Analyst
  • Job Hunting: How to Find the Right Fit

Aaron Mass, CEO Maas Media Analytics Aaron Maass
Aaron Maass
Philadelphia, PA

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Web analytics
  • Social analytics
  • Mobile analytics
  • Personalization
  • Data visualization
  • Enterprise analytics
  • Careers in digital analytics

Speaker Peter Malamas speaks about voice of customer (VOC), customer experience, analytics

Peter Malamas
Director, Enterprise Accounts, Foresee
New York, New York
http://www.foresee.com/author/pmalamas/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/petermalamas

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Voice of Customer (VOC)
  • Customer Experience
  • Analytics

Ridder Manzanet speaks about analytics quality assurance / data integrity, testing practice, strategy, marketing strategy, troubleshooting and correcting tagging implementation issues

Ridder Manzanet
Manager – Advisory Services, EY-Society
San Diego, California

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Analytics Quality Assurance/Data Integrity
  • Testing Practice and Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Relations/Partnerships
  • Troubleshooting and correcting tagging implementation issues

Nischay Mathur speaks on pricing analytics, value based pricing and competitive intelligence

Nishchay Mathur
Product Head (Minerva), Blueocean Market Intelligence
Redmond, Washington/ Mumbai, India

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Pricing Analytics
  • Value Based Pricing
  • Competitive Intelligence

Chris Meares speaks on mobile analytics, video analytics, digital analytics strategy and growth model and the skills needed for a job in digital analytics

Chris Meares
VP & Partner, MaassMedia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Mobile Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Digital Analytics Strategy
  • The Digital Analytics Growth Model
  • Skills Needed for a Job in Digital Analytics
  • Digital Analytics for Media Companies
  • The entire Digital Analytics process from Implementation and requirements gathering to personalization and integrated marketing.

Anees Merchant speaks about topics such as digital analytics, social media and big data, business process improvements (BPI) and strategy building

Anees Merchant
Senior Vice President, Blueocean Market Intelligence
Redmond, Washington/ Mumbai, India

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Setting up Analytics Organizational Structures
  • Customer Experience/Digital Experience Management Strategy
  • Customer Lifetime Journeys
  • Analytics Organizational Culture Management
  • Digital Research - New Primary and Secondary Market Research Methods

Speaker Karl Moats is a Product Marketing Manager at Adobe and speaks about Big Data, Customer Analyticcs, Videos and Millenial Trends

Karl Moats
Product Marketing Manager, Adobe
New York, New York

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Big Data
  • Customer Analytics
  • Videos
  • Millenial Trends

Rama Motwani, Speaker

Rama Motwani
Sr. Digital Strategist and Portfolio Management Consultant @ Fortune 500 Companies, Keynote Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur, AgiQual LLC
Wilton, Connecticut
(203) 451-7633
Skype : Rama_Motwani
Twitter :  @Rama_Motwani

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • How to Execute Digital Strategies to Establish Trust Between You and the Informed Consumer
  • Why You Need a Robust Data Strategy in the Digital Age and Create ROI
  • How to Focus and Optimize on Search and Social Media Marketing Outreach to Drive Consumer Conversions
  • How to Prepare for Omni-Channel Consumer Demands
  • How to Optimize Omni-Channel and Multi-Device Marketing
  • How to Optimize Advertising Spend

Steve Mulder speaks about public media, media analytics, podcast measurement and audience research and personas

Steve Mulder
Senior Director, Audience Insights, NPR
Boston, Massachusetts
npr.org and muldermedia.com

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Public media
  • Media analytics
  • Podcast measurement
  • Audience research & personas

Speaker Paul Nangle, Sr. Consulting Solutions Professional Digital Analytics, IBM speaks about staffing structures for digital analytics success and digital analytics 3D Maturity Model

Paul Nangle, III
Sr. Consulting Solutions Professional - Digital Analytics, IBM
Clinton, Connecticut

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Staffing Structures for Digital Analytics Success
  • Where Does Your Program Stand? – Digital Analytics 3D Maturity Model

Digital Analytics Strategy Speaker Gerasimos Nikolopoulos

Gerasimos Nikolopoulos
Google Analytics Expert and Team Lead in Europe and Asia, AdBirds
ex-Google Europe
Athens, Greece

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Digital Analytics strategy
  • Data visualisation
  • Analytics project management
  • Advanced customer analytics

John Pestana speaks about Web and data analytics, mobile analytics and SASS companies

John Pestana
Founder, ObservePoint
Provo, Utah

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Web/Data Analytics
  • Mobile Analytics
  • SASS Companies

Speaker Lea Pica speaks about presentation skills, data visualization, analytics storytelling, analyst / client relationships, digital marketing, blogging and entrepreneurship

Lea Pica
Director, Data Visualization & Storytelling, Search Discovery
Middletown, New Jersey

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Data Visualization
  • Analytics Storytelling
  • Analyst / Client Relationships
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Entrepreneurship

Speaker Shiyi Pickrell, Sr. Product Intelligence Manager, Microsoft


Shiyi Pickrell
Sr. Product Intelligence Manager, Microsoft


Speaker Auelie Pols speaks about competing on privacy, data governance, compliance, security and data leakage

Aurélie Pols
Data Governance & Privacy Advocate at Krux Digital Inc and Ethics Advisory Group member at the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)
Madrid, Spain / San Francisco, California / Brussels, Belgium
34 630 687 112
https://about.me/aureliepols and https://secure.edps.europa.eu/EDPSWEB/edps/EDPS/Ethics

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Competing on Privacy
  • Data Governance
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Data Leakage

Speaker Craig Scribner speaks about digital analytics, implementation, dashboarding, insights, quality assurance, and entrepreneurship in digital analytics

Craig Scribner
CEO, Tracking First
Orem, Utah

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Digital Analytics
  • Implementation
  • Dashboarding
  • Insights
  • Quality Assurance
  • Entrepreneurship in Digital Analytics

Krista Seiden, Analytics Advoate, Google, speaks about building a culture of optimization, best practices for testing, adapting and personalizing, the Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google Optimize 360, Google Tag Manager Best Practices and career conversations

Krista Seiden
Analytics Advocate, Google
San Francisco, California

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Building a Culture of Optimization
  • Best Practices for Testing
  • Adapting, & Personalizing
  • Driving Action with People
  • Process & Platform
  • The Google Analytics 360 Suite
  • Google Optimize 360
  • Google Tag Manager Best Practices
  • Career Conversations

Bob Selfridge speaks about business and marketing analytics, bit data usage across a range of industries and software development, data governance, management, quality, adobe analytics, google products, coremetrics, WebTrends, AWStats, Piwik, Informatica, Talend, Teradata and other topics

Bob Selfridge
Founder + Chief Executive Officer, TMMData
Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Topical news stories relating to business and marketing analytics, big data usage across a range of industries and software development
  • Data governance, management and quality
  • Analytics and data usage in organizations, including integrating a flexible data management framework into existing infrastructures of people, databases and business intelligence systems
  • Business software, including: Adobe Analytics, Google products (Analytics, BigQuery, Cloud Platform, Tag Manager, Tasks), Coremetrics, WebTrends, AWStats, Piwik, Excel and Access; databases and related systems (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostreSQL); ETLs (Informatica, Talend, Teradata) and others

Rob Seolas speaks about web and data analytics, mobile, and software as a service (SASS) companies

Rob Seolas
CEO, ObservePoint
Provo, Utah

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Web/Data Analytics
  • Mobile Analytics
  • SASS Companies

Speaker Ryan Sleeper, Director of Data Visualizatoin and Analytics, Evolytics


Ryan Sleeper
Director, Data Visualization & Analysis, Evolytics
Kansas City, Kansas
evolytics.com and ryansleeper.com


Speaker Nate Smith speaks about analytics (digital, marketing, customer, mobile) and digital marketing

Nate Smith
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Analytics
Lehi, Utah

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Analytics (digital, marketing, customer, mobile)
  • Digital Marketing

Speaker Jasmeet Sraw speaks about data harmonization and how businesses can leverage it, multichannel commerce and marketing analytics and its application for consumer goods / retail industry

Jasmeet Sraw
Director Client Services, Blueocean Market Intelligence
San Francisco, California

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Data Harmonization and How Can Businesses Leverage It
  • Multichannel Commerce as a General Topic for Businesses
  • Marketing Analytics and Its Application for Consumer Goods/Retail Industry

DAA Founder and speaker Jim Stearne speaks about practical online marketing analytics

Jim Sterne
Founding President and Current Board Chair, Digital Analytics Association
Founder eMetrics Summit
Santa Barbara, California

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Analytics strategy
  • Practical online marketing analytics
  • Understanding artificial intelligence and machine learning

Speaker Brian Suh

Brian Suh
AVP of Analytics and Solution Architecture, Visual IQ
New York, New York

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Attribution
  • Data Management
  • Cookie and Event Level Analysis
  • Online/Offline Integration
  • Building/Developing Analytics Teams
  • Tagging and Implementation
  • Web Analytics
  • Tag Management
  • Digital Media Planning & Buying
  • Mobile & Cross Device

Josh West

Josh West
Sr. Partner, Analytics Demystified
Salt Lake City, Utah

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Tag Management
  • Iimplementation
  • Custom Development
  • APIs
  • JavaScript/jQuery

Speaker Scot Wheeler talks about cross channel data integration, consumer insights development and journey mapping for digital strategy, advanced analytics, predictive modeling, machine learning, contennt testing, experimentation and targeting for personalization

Scot Wheeler
Managing Partner, IMC Analytics
Adjunct Lecturer, Northwestern University Medill Integrated Marketing Communications
Vice President Marketing Insights, Leapfrog Online
Chicago, Illinois

Speaker Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Cross-channel Data Integration Data-driven Strategy Design via Applied Digital Analytics Playbook
  • Consumer Insights Development and Consumer Journey Mapping for Digital Strategy
  • Performance Analytics, Descriptive Analytics, Cross-channel Attribution
  • Advanced Analytics: Predictive Modeling, Scenario-based Forecasting, Machine Learning
  • Content Testing, Experimentation and Targeting for Personalization

Tim Wilson speaks about analytics strategy and process, evolving role of the analyst, communication of analytics results and data visualization

Tim Wilson
Senior Partner, Analytics Demystified
Columbus, Ohio

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Analytics Strategy and Process -- practical tips and frameworks for getting from "we have a lot of data" to "we are efficiently and effectively using the data;" this material is good for analysts and for marketers -- framed and delivered differently depending on the makeup of the audience.
  • Microsoft Excel / Dashboards -- this is more "class" material than "conference presentation" material, but I have done several "tips" presentations in conference formats
  • The Evolving Role of the Analyst -- as the breadth and depth of data available to organizations grows, and as the sophistication of analytics tools evolves, the role of the analyst is shifting; I can speak to the past and the future on that front.
  • Communication of Analytics Results
  • Data Visualization

Joel Wright speaks about strategy, building effective analytics teams, data governance and standardization, a/b testing and optimization and effective customer data platforms

Joel Wright
Director, Analytics & Experience, Society Consulting
Austin, Texas

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Digital Analytics Strategy
  • Building Effective Analytics Teams
  • Data Governance and Standardization
  • A/B Testing & Optimization
  • Effective Customer Data Platforms

Speaker Amber Zaharchuk speaks about mobile implentation, adobe analytics, data analysis, and social listening and management

Amber Zaharchuk
Sr. Manager, Digital Analytics, MaassMedia
Bristol, Connecticut

Topics and areas of expertise:

  • Mobile Implementation
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Data Analysis
  • Social Listening & Management

Dr. Debra Zahay-Blatz, professor of marketing, marketing and entrepreneurship chair, St. Edward's University

Dr. Debra Zahay-Blatz
Professor of Marketing
Marketing and Entrepreneurship Chair, St. Edward's University
Austin, Texas