SQL for Marketing Analytics

Here's what previous SQL students had to say about the SQL course:

"Anil does an excellent job presenting SQL for beginners. The course began with basics and ended with real scripts that help answer actual business questions. He also took the time to help me solve with SQL a specific reporting issue that previously took lots of manual action. I learned a lot and highly recommend Anil as an instructor."

"Anil is a great instructor. He makes the content interesting and also makes sure everyone in class understands the lessons."

"This SQL course was informative and led by a knowledgeable instructor."

DAA is excited to offer an Advanced SQL course. This course consists of (6) 1-hour, interactive, discussion-based sessions, taught by industry expert, Anil Batra. The class meets twice weekly for three weeks. You will learn Advanced SQL for marketing analytics and leave the class with actionable tools. Plus, you'll enhance your SQL skills; adding to your arsenal that will immediately make you a better growth hacker, and give your resume a boost. 

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of databases and data structures
  • Write SQL queries to harness data from various sources, including email, CRM, and website logs
  • Learn how to visualize SQL data with Excel and Tableau
  • Learn how to leverage BigQuery to tap into Google's processing power
  • Have ready-made SQL scripts and recipes that you can use right away

All sessions will be held 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern Time
Who is this for: 
  • Web & Digital Analysts
  • Marketers
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Business Owners
  • Business Development Managers 
Savvy analysts and marketers understand the value of data. They know they can use this data to drive positive outcomes. A key component is the swift analysis of collected data; however, this momentum can be stalled by SQL database administrators or developers with other priorities.

Class Description:

Each class will have an assignment that will help you learn various aspects of SQL and the following use cases:
  • Identifying the most loyal and most profitable customers
  • Scoring your customers based on their purchase behavior
  • Customer categorization based on various criteria in your data sources – develop customer segments for better targeting 
  • Combining offline and online data to create remarketing lists in Google Ads
  • Using data from the database to augment Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics reports – will walk you through the process with Google Analytics  

Upon completion of the course, candidates/participants will receive:

  1. Certificate
  2. Digital Badge
  3. Evaluation

Member: $850
Non-Member: $1050