Measuring Success Starts Here

Want to help create consensus and enable the development of common ways to look at data measurement, KPIs and methodologies? Join us and offer your active participation.

The mission of this committee is to help the web analytics field grow and mature by developing standards and best practices to support and educate practitioners, vendors, and the public.

By recommending standards, definitions and terminology, we can collectively enable common ways of looking at data measurement and methodologies—resulting in:

  • More meaningful industry benchmarking
  • Comparability of results among different tools
  • Better understanding of the metrics terms we all use

The committee will also document and share best practices in the Metrics area—which will result in standardizing approaches for consistent results as well as enabling members to either market or deploy tools and solutions more effectively.

Key Activities:

DAA wants your input. Sign up to participate in our committee to help us:

  • Address member questions, concerns and suggestions either directly, through other members, or through experts we recruit).
  • Review, refine and agree to common definitions.
  • Describe key metrics such as conversion, unique visits and abandonment.
  • Gather case studies and other examples of best practices.
  • Develop a best practices library for members.
  • Host seminars and web analytic "coffee talks”.


Contact the membership office to participate in the Standards Committee.

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