2015 Outlook Survey

 2015 Outlook Survey
The 2015 Annual Outlook report is provided to members for free with their membership dues. Non-members may choose to purchase the report for $400.
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Message from the Chair about the 2015 Report:

You and I both know that digital analytics is awesome. It is so gratifying to see that others think so too!

Budgets are increasing for more people, more analytics tools and more testing and optimization projects. Executive buy-in is on the rise and "marketing analytics" continues to grow as a topic of interest - devoid of the hype surrounding "Big Data".

It's a good time to be a digital analyst.

Yes, we have our challenges but lately, the volume, velocity and variety of complications have diminished. While there remain some truly recalcitrant issues, we're able to focus our attention on them, rather than simply being bludgeoned by new issues every day.

- Novel data sources and data integration struggles are the new normal.
- Investment in new technologies continues to grow.
- A lack of talented people has lifted our incomes and focused our time.

Instead of living off balance, bombarded by unproven approaches and unsolved problems, we are learning to manage people, processes and technology and we are gaining ground. The proof is in these pages.

- Scan this report the first time so you know where we stand as an industry.
- Scan this report the second time so you know where you stand as an analyst.
- Scan this report the third time so you can see where we are headed.

Things remain as exciting as they did ten years ago when a handful of brave souls started the Digital Analytics Association.